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Quantifying Reputation Loss From a Breach

#infosec #security Putting a value on reputation is not as hard as you might think… It’s really easy to quantify some of the costs associated with a security breach. Number of customers impacted times the cost of a first class stamp plus the... Read more
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Development Performance Metrics Will Eventually Favor Cost per Line of Code

It is true right now that for the most part, virtualization changes deployment of applications but not their development. Thus far this remains true, primarily because those with an interest in organizations  moving to public cloud computing... Read more
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If I Had a Hammer…

Or Why Carr’s Analogy is Wrong. Again. Nicolas Carr envisioned compute resources being delivered in a means similar to electricity. Though providers and consumers alike use the terminology to describe cloud computing billing and metering... Read more
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You’re Asking the Wrong Question About Virtual Appliances

A question I often hear is “Why don’t you just move load balancing/application delivery into a virtual appliance model?” My answer is almost always “That’s the wrong question.” The question that should be asked is “What are the potential impacts... Read more
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Web Application Security at the Edge is More Efficient Than In the Application

If one of the drivers for moving to cloud-based applications is reducing costs, you should think twice about the placement of application security solutions. There’s almost no way to avoid an argument on this subject so I won’t tiptoe around it:... Read more
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Cloud Changes Cost of Attacks

For some companies there’s never been a quantifiable financial impact from attacks. Cloud may change that. One of the frustrations with information security is that it’s always difficult – if not impossible – to quantify risk. Without the... Read more
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Virtual Network Infrastructure: Virtually Good Enough?

Two steps forward, three steps back Every time there is a major shift in technology thought about architecture the question of how it will and should impact infrastructure arises. When SOA was the “next great thing” there was a spate of... Read more
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The Infrastructure 2.0 Trifecta

Balancing Cost, Performance, and Capacity in the Cloud There is a huge difference between provisioning applications to support capacity and provisioning them to support performance requirements. That as capacity increases performance decreases... Read more
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Beware Using Internal Encryption as an IT Security Blanket

It certainly sounds reasonable: networks are moving toward a perimeter-less model so the line between internal and external network is blurring. The introduction of cloud computing as overdraft protection (cloud-bursting) further blurs that... Read more
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No soup for you!

Automation isn’t some special brand of soup and there’s no “automation nazi” who can deny access to its benefits. The recent McKinsey report on cloud computing has pundits everywhere choking on their donuts and scrambling to dispute the report’s... Read more
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Dear Slashdot: You get what you pay for

Open Source SSL Accelerator solution not as cost effective or well-performing as you think o3 Magazine has a write up on building an SSL accelerator out of Open Source components. It’s a compelling piece, to be sure, that was picked up by... Read more
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How to recoup the costs associated with long URLs and variable names

Long URLs and variable names increase transfer size which wastes bandwidth and money o3 magazine has a great article on the impact of long URLs on bandwidth; specifically on how much bandwidth is wasted by excessively long URLs and variable names... Read more
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Can the Cloud survive regulation?

One of the greatest strengths of the Cloud is that, like the Internet, it knows no boundaries. It crosses industry and international boundaries as if they do not exist. But as is often the case, your greatest strength can also be your greatest... Read more
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Control, choice, and cost: The Conflict in the Cloud

One of the oft cited reasons in surveys that enterprises aren’t flocking to the cloud like lemmings off a cliff is “lack of control”. Problem is that articles and pundits quoting this reason never really define what that means. After all, cloud... Read more
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Cloud Strategy: Apathy or Architecture?

What’s driving your organizational interest in cloud? Is it apathy or is it architecture? The whole debate surrounding the existence, or non-existence as it were, of “private” clouds seems to revolve around the definition of cloud. Yes, we’re... Read more
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