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Enabling SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Search with the BIG-IP

Over my past several blog posts, I’ve talked about federating our on-premise environments with Office 365.  Now, that we have that handled, (it’s handled right?) let’s talk about another lesser known piece of the puzzle; hybrid SharePoint... Read more
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“Apples to Apples” Comparing an APM Deployment to TMG

Okay, okay, I drank the Kool-aid.  I’m a big fan of Access Policy Manager, (APM) and, full disclosure, an F5 employee.  With that said, being a “Windows guy” and coming from a background of working with Threat Management Gateway, (TMG) I... Read more
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To Pre-authenticate or Not to Pre-authenticate

I’m bouncing around in the friendly skies, (turbulence sucks!) on my way back from the Microsoft Exchange conference and one question keeps rolling around in my head; how important is pre-authentication?  Granted, it may not be a very... Read more
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Big-IP and ADFS Part 4 – “What about Single Sign-Out?”

Why stop at 3 when you can go to 4? Over the past few posts on this ever-expanding topic, we’ve discussed using ADFS to provide single sign-on access to Office 365. But what about single sign-out? A customer turned me onto Tristan Watkins’ blog... Read more
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Migrating from Exchange 2007 to 2010 with Access Policy Manager

When it comes to upgrades, implementations, migrations, etc., you can plan for months. You can test, test, and then test some more. You can cross every “i” and dot every “t”. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to the end-user... Read more
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Big-IP and ADFS Part 3 – “ADFS, APM, and the Office 365 Thick Clients”

Okay, so I never mentioned a part 3. But, the topic is just too much fun to let go. Besides, we have one more important section to cover. First, let’s recap parts one and two. In part one we discussed load balancing the ADFS and ADFS proxy farms... Read more
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Big-IP and ADFS Part 2 - APM: An Alternative to the ADFS Proxy

So let’s talk Application Delivery Controllers, (ADC).  In part one of this series we deployed both an internal ADFS farm as well as a perimeter ADFS proxy farm using the Big-IP’s exceptional load balancing capabilities to provide HA and... Read more
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Big-IP and ADFS Part 1 – “Load balancing the ADFS Farm”

Just like the early settlers who migrated en masse across the country by wagon train along the Oregon Trail, enterprises are migrating up into the cloud. Well okay, maybe not exactly like the early settlers. But, although there may not be a mass... Read more
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