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Slave Malware Analysis

During the last couple of weeks, Nathan Jester, Elman Reyes, Julia Karpin and Pavel Asinovsky got together to investigate the new “Slave” banking Trojan. According to their research, the early version of the Slave performed IBAN swapping in two... Read more
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UAE Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Growing in Intensity and Complexity

Leading UAE IT decision-makers agree that cybersecurity threats are growing in intensity and scale across the region.  According to a new survey commissioned by F5 Networks, 81% of surveyed IT decision-makers believed their organisation... Read more
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Dyre Malware Analysis

Dyre, also known as Dyreza, is a banking Trojan that was first seen around June 2014. With the combination of its ability to steal login credentials by browser hooking and bypassing SSL, its man-in-the-middle (MITM) proxy server, and its Remote... Read more
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Tinba Malware – New, Improved, Persistent

As investigated by Pavel Asinovsky, F5 SOC Malware Researcher, Tinba, also known as “Tinybanker”, “Zusy” and “HµNT€R$”, is a banking Trojan that was first seen in the wild around May 2012. Its source code was leaked in July 2014.... Read more
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iBanking Malware Analysis

iBanking is malware that runs on Android mobile devices. It is delivered via a new variant of the computer banking Trojan Qadars, which deceives users into downloading iBanking malware on to their android device. It can be used with any malware... Read more
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Nearly 5 million Gmail credentials leaked, really?

This month, almost 5 million Gmail credentials published in a Bitcoin security forum by a Russian hacker. According to RIA Novosty (one of the largest news agencies in Russia), this leak comes just a couple of days after the hackers published at... Read more
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Neverquest Malware Analysis

תגים של Technorati:‏ security,websafe,f5socSince the beginning of 2014 F5 SOC Malware investigations resulted in some new methods of Malware attacks operations, mainly in Eastern Europe where the Neverquest Malware was detected. Neverquest, also... Read more
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Is your organisation a tempting target for DDOS?

PSN and similar services have huge customer bases and, due to their global nature, have a need to be available 24/7. This makes them very tempting targets for entities looking to create highly visible disruption or to steal large numbers of... Read more
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“Anonymous” may attack World Cup 2014 sponsors

As it’s not enough for Brazil 2014 world cup organizers. In addition to the civilians protests against the local government for spending around $11.5 billion on an eight weeks football (soccer) tournament, now the worldwide hacktivists group... Read more
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DNS Protection and Performance, Have Both!

There has never been a better time to cripple the Internet by exploiting the vulnerabilities of DNS systems. The proliferation of mobile devices coupled with vulnerabilities of open source DNS systems is keeping a lot of organizations awake at... Read more
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Tackling Cyber Attacks From Within

An increasing number of organizations face serious security threats that are socially, politically and economically motivated. Conventional firewalls are no longer enough to prevent complex and frequent cyber attacks such as multi-layer... Read more
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