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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out…

…is probably one of the most memorable lines of any Holiday Classic.  Of course I’m referring to A Christmas Story, where a young Ralphie tries to convince his parents, teachers and Santa that the Red Ryder BB Gun is the perfect... Read more
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Holiday Shopping SmartPhone Style

Close to 70% of smartphone owners plan to use the devices for holiday shopping, according to Deloitte (pdf).  Smartphone ownership has jumped from 39.7% last year to 46.1% this year and tablet owners have doubled from 10.5% to 22.4% according... Read more
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Bait Phone

You may be familiar with the truTV program Bait Car, where the police place a vehicle equipped with hidden cameras and radio trackers in various areas to catch a would be car thief in the act.  It’s kinda fun to watch people ‘check out’ the... Read more
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Infographic: Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

Maybe I’ll start doing an ‘Infographic Friday’ to go along with Lori’s F5 Friday.  This one comes to us from  Rasmussen College's School of Technology and Design Cyber Security Program and shows the online risks and offers some good... Read more
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The Exec-Disconnect on IT Security

Different Chiefs give Different Security Stories. A recent survey shows that there is a wide gap between CEOs and Chief Security Officers when it comes to the origin and seriousness of security threats.  They differ on how they view threats... Read more
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The Changing Security Threat Landscape Infographic

In conjunction with a new video and a security white paper, this F5 infographic validates the need for organizations to rethink security practices.  The global security threat landscape is rapidly evolving and has changed dramatically in ways... Read more
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Complying with PCI DSS–Part 1: Build and Maintain a Secure Network

According to the PCI SSC, there are 12 PCI DSS requirements that satisfy a variety of security goals.  Areas of focus include building and maintaining a secure network, protecting stored cardholder data, maintaining a vulnerability management... Read more
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Surfing the Surveys: Cloud, Security and those Pesky Breaches

While I’m not the biggest fan of taking surveys, I sure love the data/reports that are generated by such creatures.  And boy has there been a bunch of recent statistical information released on cloud computing, information security, breaches... Read more
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5 Stages of a Data Breach

One thing I’ve noticed over the last couple years is that there are 5 Stages of a Data Breach: Denial: We do not believe these attacks breached our critical servers. Anger: We want to make it clear that we take security seriously! Bargaining:... Read more
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Security’s Rough Ride

1 if by land, 2 of by sea, 0 if by IPI know I’ve said this before but it sure seems like almost daily there is a security breach somewhere.  Over the years, the thought process has changed from prevent all attacks to, it is inevitable that we... Read more
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355 Shopping Days Left

After just being bombarded with the endless options of gifts for your loved ones, a simple reminder that the next blitz is just around the corner.  And you are a target.  2011 started relatively tame for breaches but when hacktivism and... Read more
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F5 Security Vignette Series

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been rolling out a series of short Security Vignette videos about various IT security challenges.  We’ve posted them to the F5News blog account but also wanted to share in case you missed them.  If we... Read more
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The Top 10, Top Predictions for 2012

Around this time of year, almost everyone and their brother put out their annual predictions for the coming year.  So instead of coming up with my own, I figured I’d simply regurgitate what many others are expecting to happen.  ... Read more
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Our Identity Crisis

As as kid, my mom would constantly remind me that I was a Hawaiian Prince – a direct descendant of King Kamehameha’s grandparents and the Kekaulike (23rd Moi of Maui) line.  I was born in Hawaii but grew up on the East Coast so as a kid, I... Read more
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F5 Case Study: WhiteHat Security

Founder & CTO of WhiteHat Security, Jeremiah Grossman talks about the F5/WhiteHat partnership, the benefits of the WhiteHat Sentinel & BIG-IP ASM integration, the sophistication level of some of the recent attacks/breaches reported in the... Read more
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Hackers Hit Vacation Spots

Just when you were having all that fun running around the waterpark and playing those arcade games comes news that the card processing system of Vacationland Vendors Inc., a Wisconsin Dells firm that supplies arcade games and installs vending... Read more
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Security Never Takes a Vacation

We’ve all seen the auto-out-of-office replies, ‘Thanks for your message but I’m out until I return – contact my boss/subordinate/someone else if you need or want anything.’  If you’ve emailed me over the last couple weeks, you’ve seen a... Read more
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Protection from Latest Network and Application Attacks

We offer a lot of webinars at F5 and this is one I recently presented to some partners. As I’ve mentioned, security attacks are moving “up the stack."  90% of security investments are focused on network security, however, 75% of the... Read more
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IT Security: Mid-Year Gut Check

Is your stomach turning or does it feel a calm satisfaction halfway through 2011?  What seemed like a relatively calm 2011 during the first couple months has turned into a banner year of breaches.  The forecast could qualify as: In like... Read more
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The Land of a Thousand Twist-Ties

Have you unpacked a children’s toy set, game, doll things or any kid’s play thing that has several pieces recently?  My 5 year old got a big box with a baby doll, her bassinette, bottle, baby food, rattles, and the other accessories any new... Read more
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Cure Your Big App Attack

Not that I really needed to point his out but, security attacks are moving ‘up the stack.’  90% of security investments are focused on network security, yet according to Gartner, 75% of the attacks are focused at the application layer and... Read more
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Custom Code for Targeted Attacks

Botnets?  Old school.  Spam?  So yesterday.  Phishing?  Don’t even bother…well, on second thought.  Spaghetti hacking like spaghetti marketing, toss it and see what sticks, is giving way to specific development of... Read more
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And The Hits Keep Coming

In case you missed this over the long weekend, a few more notable names were compromised in recent weeks.  A few weeks ago I wrote about how the Big Attacks are Back and it sure seems like the hits keep coming.  First, last Friday,... Read more
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Unplug Everything!

Just kidding…partially.  Have you seen the latest 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report?  It is chock full of data about breaches, vulnerabilities, industry demographics, threats and all the other internet security terms that... Read more
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