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“Phishing you say, well that’s not my problem.”

This posting talks about the importance of protecting against credential theft targeting your employees and customers with phishing attacks. Read to understand what happens to businesses that turn a blind eye towards guarding against phishing. Learn about steps you can take to reduce the effects of such, and help protect your brand and web-facing application users. Read more
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This is adapated from the original post by Matt Miller. 今天的安全局勢具有高度複雜化的傾向,原因大致上可以歸咎於日益複雜化的網路攻擊本質,特別是從管理者的觀點來看。例如,分散式拒絕服務攻擊(DDoS)現在已達到400Gbps速度,目標包括網路和應用層。很顯然的,攻擊者持續進化,開發其他方法來繞過包括防火牆等傳統安全防護。 對於面對應用層DDoS攻擊威脅的企業而言,必須克服的挑戰在於如何區分人類流量與魁儡(bot)流量。 ... Read more
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Slave Malware Analysis

During the last couple of weeks, Nathan Jester, Elman Reyes, Julia Karpin and Pavel Asinovsky got together to investigate the new “Slave” banking Trojan. According to their research, the early version of the Slave performed IBAN swapping in two... Read more
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Slave – IBAN swap, persistency and Zeus-style webinject

Slave is a financial malware written in visual basic. It was first seen around March 2015 and has undergone a significant evolution. Slave conducts its attack by hooking the Internet browser functions and manipulating their code for various... Read more
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UAE Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Growing in Intensity and Complexity

Leading UAE IT decision-makers agree that cybersecurity threats are growing in intensity and scale across the region.  According to a new survey commissioned by F5 Networks, 81% of surveyed IT decision-makers believed their organisation... Read more
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آخر تطورات مشهد تهديدات الأمن الالكتروني في المملكة العربية السعودية "الهجمات أصبحت أكثر قوةً وتعقيداً من أي وقت مضى"

: أقر كبار صناع القرار في قطاع تقنية المعلومات بالمملكة العربية السعودية بأن التهديدات الالكترونية تتنامى بشدة وعلى نطاق واسع في جميع أنحاء المملكة، ما يعرض الشركات لمخاطر إصابة سمعتها ومكانتها وبنيتها الأساسية. وقد أظهرت نتائج الدراسة... Read more
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Saudi Cybersecurity Threat Landscape “More Intense and Complex Than Ever”

Leading Saudi IT decision-makers agree that cybersecurity threats are growing in intensity and scale across the Kingdom. The situation is putting businesses at risk of hits to both reputation and bottom line. A new survey commissioned by F5... Read more
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Dyre Malware Analysis

Dyre, also known as Dyreza, is a banking Trojan that was first seen around June 2014. With the combination of its ability to steal login credentials by browser hooking and bypassing SSL, its man-in-the-middle (MITM) proxy server, and its Remote... Read more
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Tinba Malware – New, Improved, Persistent

As investigated by Pavel Asinovsky, F5 SOC Malware Researcher, Tinba, also known as “Tinybanker”, “Zusy” and “HµNT€R$”, is a banking Trojan that was first seen in the wild around May 2012. Its source code was leaked in July 2014.... Read more
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iBanking Malware Analysis

iBanking is malware that runs on Android mobile devices. It is delivered via a new variant of the computer banking Trojan Qadars, which deceives users into downloading iBanking malware on to their android device. It can be used with any malware... Read more
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Neverquest Malware Analysis

תגים של Technorati:‏ security,websafe,f5socSince the beginning of 2014 F5 SOC Malware investigations resulted in some new methods of Malware attacks operations, mainly in Eastern Europe where the Neverquest Malware was detected. Neverquest, also... Read more
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“Anonymous” may attack World Cup 2014 sponsors

As it’s not enough for Brazil 2014 world cup organizers. In addition to the civilians protests against the local government for spending around $11.5 billion on an eight weeks football (soccer) tournament, now the worldwide hacktivists group... Read more
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IT security isn’t one size fits all

The security landscape today is highly complex, which can largely be attributed to the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber attacks, particularly from an execution perspective. For example, DDoS attacks are now reaching speeds of up to... Read more
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