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Application Availability Between Hybrid Data Centers

Reliable access to mission-critical applications is a key success factor for enterprises. For many organizations, moving applications from physical data centers to the cloud can increase resource capacity and ensure availability while reducing... Read more
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GartnerDC 2014 – That’s a Wrap!

For the 300th time, ALOHA! For my 300th F5 video, I wrap it up from Gartner Data Center 2014 with a special surprise clip from the first ever F5 trade show video and a closing song for 2014. Thanks to Robert Haynes (Hybrid is the New Normal) along... Read more
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GartnerDC 2014 – Application Availability Between Hybrid Data Centers

I explain the idea behind Application Availability Between Hybrid Data Centers reference architecture. Driven by applications and workloads, a hybrid data center is really a technology strategy of the entire infrastructure mix of on-premises and... Read more
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GartnerDC 2014 – Hybrid is the New Normal (feat. Haynes)

Robert Haynes, F5 Marketing Solutions Architect, digs in about hybrid infrastructures. We got hybrid cars, hybrid corn, hybrid clouds and hybrid data centers and Robert discusses the state of today’s data center deployments and how organizations,... Read more
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Gartner Data Center 2014 – Find F5

Like an application delivery oasis popping out of the ground, follow along and watch as I almost trip showing you how to find F5 Booth 253 at Gartner Data Center 2014. #GartnerDC is all about IT Infrastructure and Operations Management and BIG-IP... Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld 2014: Delivering Oracle Apps from the Cloud (feat George)

Jonathan George, F5 Sr. Product Marketing Manager, shares some insight on how F5 can help deliver Oracle applications from the cloud. From DNS, to application heath to identity management to security to disaster recovery to cloud migration,... Read more
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VMworld 2014 – Security Considerations for the SDDC (feat Frelich)

Brandon Frelich, our Marketing Services Architect for Cloud & Security, talks about some of the implications and considerations for organizations looking to move toward a Software Defined Data Center. Areas include DDoS protection, identity... Read more
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Highly Available Hybrid

Achieving the ultimate ‘Five Nines’ of web site availability (around 5 minutes of downtime a year) has been a goal of many organizations since the beginning of the internet era. There are several ways to accomplish this but essentially a few... Read more
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F5 Friday: Secure Data in Flight

#bigdata #infosec Fat apps combined with SSL Everywhere strategies suggest a need for more powerful processing in the application delivery tier  According to Netcraft, who tracks these kinds of things, SSL usage has doubled from 2008 and... Read more
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Cloud isn't Social, it's Business.

Adopting a cloud-oriented business model for IT is imperative to successfully transforming the data center to realize ITaaS. Much like devops is more about a culture shift than the technology enabling it, cloud is as much or more about shifts in... Read more
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VMworld2012: VMware View Single Namespace

I catch up with F5 SE Scott Friedman to whiteboard and discuss F5's Single Namespace solution for VMware View.  Only 1 URL to remember and let BIG-IP make the decisions. ps Read more
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The Venerable Vulnerable Cloud

Ever since cloud computing burst onto the technology scene a few short years ago, Security has always been a top concern.  It was cited as the biggest hurdle in many surveys over the years and in 2010, I covered a lot of those in my... Read more
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F5 Agility Summit 2012 - Splunk

I meet with Splunk's Will Hayes, Director of Business Development at F5's Agility Summit. We get a look at some of the newest Splunk reports for F5's BIG-IP solutions including the BIG-IP Data Center Firewall Solution. ps ... Read more
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Cloud vs Cloud

The Battle of the Clouds Aloha!  Welcome ladies and gentleman to the face off of the decade.  The Battle of the Clouds.  In this corner, the up and comer, the phenom that has changed the way IT works, wearing the light shorts - The... Read more
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Interop 2012 - Splunk Reports for BIG-IP Data Center Firewall with Danny Luedke

Peter Silva talks with F5 Product Marketing Manager Danny Luedke about the BIG-IP Data Center Firewall and showcases the new Splunk reports for BIG-IP Data Center Firewall Solution. ";" alt="" />Interop 2012 - Splunk... Read more
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Interop 2012 - F5 & HP Partnership with Jeff Stathatos

I meet up with Jeff Stathatos, F5 Solution Architect, about the expansion of the HP partnership.  HP Networking's Virtual Application Network (VAN) is front and center. ";" alt="" />   ps Related ... Read more
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RSA 2012 - BIG-IP Data Center Firewall Solution

Peter Silva interviews F5 Security Product Manager Preston Hogue about the BIG-IP Data Center Firewall Solution, BIG-IP's ICSA Certification and some BIG-IP differences vs. traditional firewalls. ";" alt="" />RSA 2012 -... Read more
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IPExpo London Presentations

A few months back I attended and spoke at the IPExpo 2011 at Earl’s Court Two in London.  I gave 3 presentations which were recorded and two of them are available online from the IPExpo website.  I haven’t figured out a way to download... Read more
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2011 Telly Award Winner - The F5 Dynamic Data Center

Founded in 1978 to honor excellence in local, regional, cable TV commercials along with non-broadcast video and TV programs, The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials,... Read more
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The API is the Center of the Application (Integration) Universe

#mobile #fasterapp #ccevent Today, at least. Tomorrow, who knows? Some have tried to distinguish between “mobile cloud” and “cloud” by claiming the former is the use of the web browser on a mobile device to access services while the latter... Read more
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At the Intersection of Cloud and Control…

Arises the fourth data center architecture tier – application delivery. The battle of efficiency versus economy continues in the division of the cloud market between public and private environments. Public cloud proponents argue, correctly,... Read more
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F5 International Technology Center Video Tour

I visited F5's International Technology Center in the heart of London and want to share an amazing tour with Shareef Qureshi, F5 Product Management Engineer. The facility includes a state of the art lab facility, executive briefing center,... Read more
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London IPEXPO 2011

I meet with F5 Sr. Systems Engineer Rob Haynes at the London IPExpo to show a little about what F5 is sharing at one of England's largest IT Infrastructure Conferences.</p> <p><font... Read more
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Cloud Computing Making Waves

Every once in a while, I’ll do a news search for ‘cloud computing.’  Yesterday was one of those days and while there are always a few stories about ‘the cloud,’ I was somewhat amazed by the number and range of topics that appeared. ... Read more
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VMworld 2011: Multi-Site Application Deployment with vSphere & vCloud Director

I get F5's Sr. Solution Architect, Charlie Cano, to whiteboard the solution for Multi-Site Application Deployment with vSphere & vCloud Director.  See how applications can be packaged once and delivered from any data center and how... Read more
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