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Strong Authentication

It’s authentication, people! Only, wait for it….STRONGER (yes i did use the strong html tag for that.) Strong authentication is a nebulous term. Many will interchange strong authentication with two-factor authentication (2FA), but that is only one... Read more
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February Is Security Month On DevCentral

February is Security Month here at DevCentral! It's an excellent time to brush up on your F5 Security knowledge now. Read more
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Integrating WhiteHat Scans With BIG-IP ASM

Today’s web applications are under constant attack, and it’s critical to keep those applications secure at all times for the protection of yourself and your customers.  Ideally, you would utilize a team of perfect web developers who create... Read more
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External Reporting with BIG-IP ASM

We all know that the BIG-IP ASM does a bunch of great things to protect web applications from malicious attackers.  We also know that it’s extremely important to review logs to ensure visibility and awareness about application traffic. ... Read more
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Advanced Threat Mitigations via SSL Intercept

SSL offload has been around for quite some time. But this technology was primarily developed for the web farm audience, offloading SSL traffic from the application servers and putting the load on application delivery controllers like F5’s BIG-IP.... Read more
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Hardware Security Modules

In this final stretch of security month, what hopefully has been a helpful serving of security content concludes with a look at some of the technologies that support our integrated solutions. In this article, we’ll cover the hardware security... Read more
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Silverline DDoS Architecture

I wrote on Wednesday about the why and what of F5 Silverline. Today we're going to dive a little deeper into the how of the DDoS service offering. Before we get into the scrubbing architecture itself, let’s take a look at the delivery options... Read more
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Silverline WAF Architecture

John Wagnon discusses Silverline's WAF architecture. Learn more here at DevCentral. Read more
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F5 Silverline: There's a New Sheriff, er, Service in Town!

Join Jason Rahm as he takes a few minutes of your time to do a brief recap of what Silverline is and why it matters. Read more
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OWASP Mitigation Strategies Part 2: XSS Attacks

Yesterday John showed you how BIG-IP Application Security Firewall can mitigate injection attacks. Today, we’ll cover number three on the list in cross-site scripting. XSS Scripting defined directly from the OWASP XSS page: Cross-Site Scripting... Read more
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OWASP Mitigation Strategies Part 1: Injection Attacks

OWASP lists “injection” attacks as the number one security flaw on the Internet today.  In fact, injection attacks have made the OWASP top ten list for the past 12 years and have been listed as the number one attack for the past 6... Read more
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OWASP In Depth: An Interview with Jim Manico

Last week John Wagnon, David Holmes, and (virtually) I sat down with Jim Manico of Manicode Security to take a look an in depth look at the OWASP project. Among many other things within the security realm, including secure coding education and... Read more
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What Is The OWASP Top Ten?

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software.  They have a community of over 42,000 volunteers all over the world who offer their... Read more
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What a tease: AFM the series

Hey there community. We’re a full week now into security month here on DevCentral, but stand back--we’re just getting started! Read more
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Advanced Firewall Manager Roundtable Discussion

In this video, I am joined by David Holmes, Brian McHenry, and Jason Rahm to discuss some of the new and exciting features of the ASM. Read more
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AFM Provisioning and Policy Building

The BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) is a high-performance, stateful, full-proxy network firewall designed to guard against incoming threats that enter the network on the most widely deployed protocols.  This article will show how to... Read more
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The Perimeter Is Dead! Long Live The Perimeter!

Has the traditional idea of a network perimeter changed over the past few years?  If so, then where does the firewall fit into today's network architecture?  Are there different types of firewalls that make sense to deploy in... Read more
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