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Bare Metal Blog: Throughput Sometimes Has Meaning

#BareMetalBlog Knowing what to test is half the battle. Knowing how it was tested the other. Knowing what that means is the third. That’s some testing, real clear numbers. In most countries, top speed is no longer the thing that auto manufacturer... Read more
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Web App Performance: Think 1990s.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am intrigued by the never-ending cycle of repetition that High Tech seems to be trapped in. Mainframe->Network->Distributed->Virtualized->Cloud, which while different, shares a lot of characteristics with a... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 02/04/2011

If your week has been anything like mine, then you’ve had plenty to keep you busy. While I’d like to think that your “busy” equates to as much time on DevCentral checking out the cool happenings while people get their geek on as mine does, I... Read more
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Deduplication and Compression – Exactly the same, but different.

One day many years ago, Lori and I’s oldest son held up two sheets of paper and said “These two things are exactly the same, but different!” Now, he’s a very bright individual, he was just young, and didn’t even get how incongruous the statemen... Read more
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Too Much Holiday Traffic? Imagine if it wasn’t Deduped!

Lori, the Toddler, and I drove down to my mothers’ house in Cincinnati (about 9 hours away) for the fourth of July weekend. Our youngest daughter drove her car with her sister, the sister’s fiancé, and our grand-daughter. We stayed in touch... Read more
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Stop Repeating Yourself. Deduping WAN-Opt Style

Ever hang out with the person who just wants to make their point, and no matter what the conversation says the same thing over and over in slightly different ways? Ever want to tell them they were doing their  favorite cause/point/whatever a... Read more
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Load Balancers for Developers – ADCs Wan Optimization Functionality

It’s been a good long while since I wrote an installment of Load Balancing for Developers, but you all keep reading them, and they are still my most read blog posts on a monthly basis, so since I have an increased interest in WAN Optimization, and... Read more
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If I Were in IT Management Today…

I’ve had a couple of blog posts talking about how there is a disconnect between “the market” and “the majority of customers” where things like cloud (and less so storage) are concerned. So I thought I’d try this out as a follow on. If I were... Read more
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