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Can You Teach an Old Developer New Tricks?

When SOA was declared dead there was a spate of articles and blogs on why the architecture “died.” Most pundits came to the conclusion that like many innovations it wasn’t the technology to blame but rather people. Architects lacked the skills to... Read more
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Are admins developers too?

If they aren’t now then Infrastructure 2.0 may force them in that direction - and vice versa. My brother (yes, it does run in the family) has a degree in computer science which, by most definitions, makes him a developer. That’s the focus of... Read more
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Five Key Questions Developers Need to Ask before Starting the Troubleshooting Process

Brother, can you give a developer a hand? As the topology of networks delivering applications becomes increasingly complex it becomes more and more difficult to troubleshoot problems, especially for developers tasked with figuring out why their... Read more
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True or False: Application acceleration solutions teach developers to write inefficient code

It has been suggested that the use of application acceleration solutions as a means to improve application performance would result in programmers writing less efficient code. In a comment on “The House that Load Balancing Built” a reader... Read more
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You want what? To run where? Without THAT?

The February issue of Dr. Dobb's has a lot of articles about cloud computing. That's not surprising, cloud computing is very much on the minds of many folks these days and it does affect developers as much as (if not more than) most IT... Read more
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Silverlight 2.0 released, support for Eclipse included

Silverlight, if you recall, appears to be Microsoft's answer to Adobe's AIR platform. Microsoft released Silverlight 2.0 today, as expected. Part of the big exciting news is that you can now code up Silverlight applications in Eclipse.... Read more
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Three Web Application Vulnerabilities You Need to Know

Via Hacker News and Peteris Kumins' blog on programming, hacking, software reuse and stuff comes the latest Google tech talk, this one on web application vulnerabilities and "how cybercriminals steal money". While Peteris and... Read more
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A queue is a (a) line (b) a pony tail (c) a data structure

Neil McAllister @ InfoWorld has a great blog post on The Web development skills crisis. He postulates at that "The most agile developers, however, are those who approach programming with a firm grounding in computer science."Amen,... Read more
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iRules: Unifying REST Access Methods

In researching the MySpace deprecated API exploit I came across the details on MySpace's REST (Representational State Transfer) API. I'm going to ignore the debate surrounding the definition of "high REST" versus "low... Read more
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If You Have to Ask What the Big(O) Is You've Never ... Calculated It

I recently made a passing remark about the value of being able to write the code for a linked list. The night before Don and I had been arguing with our oldest son about whether he should be using a stack or a linked list to implement a Java... Read more
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HTML Skillz No Longer 1337

Tech Republic blogger Toni Bowers discusses five high-tech skills that are waning as far as ability to command high salaries according to a recent Network World article. At the top of the list? HTML. Denise Dubie writes in the Network World... Read more
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Who Is at Fault for Poor Application Performance?

I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you. When the issue of application performance rears its ugly head like some kind of ancient dragon hell-bent on destruction (yours) it is often the application developer that... Read more
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"Application Delivery" Role Missing "Delivery" Focus

Like many people, I scour the Internet using Google Alerts that focus on keywords pertinent to my employer's business. Just this morning a digest from Google searching for the term "application delivery" landed in my inbox with an... Read more
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All your performance are belong to us

The evolution of programming languages and environments and the impact on performance Chances are that if I ask my son, a third-year computer science major, about Big(O) I'll either get that look - the one that says he's had that... Read more
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