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Node.js ABC’s - J is for JavaScript

Node.js is an open source runtime environment for server-side and network based applications.  At it's core, Node.js uses the Google V8 JavaScript engine to execute client code and a large portion of the core basic modules are written in... Read more
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Node.js ABC’s - G is for Globals

A variable is a storage location paired with an associated name, which contains the information known as a value.  Nearly every programming language under the sun supports variables in some form or another. Within the context of a single... Read more
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iControl REST 101: Modifying Objects

So far in this series we’ve shown you how to connect to iControl REST via cURL, how to list objects on the device (which is probably the most used command for most APIs, including ours), and how to add objects. So you’re currently able to get a... Read more
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Graphing Performance Data with bigsuds

I was asked internally about some performance graphs with python, and while I've done some work with python and iControl over the years, but I've yet to take on graphing. Most of the python scripts I've written output results to the... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Because #BigData is Often Unstructured

#devops #node #proxy #sdn Adaptability of network-hosted services requires programmability because data doesn't always follow the rules Evans Data recently released its Data & Advanced Analytics Survey 2013 which focuses on "tools,... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Your Errors, Do not Show Them to Me

#devops Errors happen, but your users should never see them. Ever. Every once in a while things happen, like errors. They are as inevitable as winter in Wisconsin, rain in Seattle, and that today someone will post a picture of a cat that shows... Read more
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The Three Faces of Programmability in Software-Defined Infrastructure

#SDN #devops #API Your toaster is configurable, not programmable. Programmability is becoming as hyped as the technology trends with which it is associated: SDN, Devops, and even cloud. It's used to (incorrectly) describe everything fro... Read more
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Newton's First Law of Devops

#devops Deployment patterns enabling continuous delivery help align operations with development - and keep user frustration to a minimum One of the most difficult transitions for operations to make is the need to support releases more frequently.... Read more
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BREACH attack

There were some interesting developments with regard to crypto and TLS this year at the BlackHat security conference. This first article is about the BREACH attack, CVE-2013-3587. For background, take a look at my earlier article that talks... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Canary Deployments

#devops The canary deployment pattern is another means of enabling continuous delivery. Deployment patterns (or as I like to call them of late, devops patterns) are good examples of how devops can put into place systems and tools that enabl... Read more
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Where Have You Been?

You may have noticed that I’ve been awfully quiet out here lately. That’s because I’ve been adapting to my new role and making certain I had a clue what I was talking about before I came out and posted a bunch of things. But it’s been long enough... Read more
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DevOps: Where's Your Back Button?

#devops There is no back button on deployment. But there can be. It was nearly 10pm on a Saturday night. A handful of architects and developers sat around a cube, munching on cold pizza and chatting while waiting for the phone call that would... Read more
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Tweaking Timeouts

#webperf #fast #mobile Alternative title: Stop Blaming the Network I have a weakness for a particular Android game that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent, of course). It frequently complains that I have "a poor networ... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Versioning Patterns

#devops API and application versioning becomes a requirement when dev is agile. Agile development methodologies advocate a rapid release cycle. Facebook, for example, noted last year that it pushes code live twice a day. Organizations may neve... Read more
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The Bifurcation of the Network

#SDN #Cloud #Virtualization #devops Emerging technology is bifurcating not only operations, but the network itself  A funny thing happened on the way to the next generation data center architecture... the network split. Not jus... Read more
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Introducing a RESTful interface for iControl

SyntaxHighlighter.all(); iControl isn’t just SOAP anymore… No, iControl isn’t getting lazy.   While taking it easy is an important part of life, I’m talking about the other kind of REST.   REST, or “REpresentational Stat... Read more
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F5 ADC is a Platform, not a Product

Before June 29th, 2007, if you asked someone what kind of phone they had they would likely have answered with a manufacturer's name or brand: Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia. In September 2008, Google unleashed Android on the world and everything... Read more
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Enterprise PaaS is about Operations

#PaaS #devops The notion that PaaS exists solely "in the cloud" as a discrete environment of developer services is hampering the maturation of enterprise PaaS The three most common answers to "give me an example of PaaS" are... Read more
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iCall - All New Event-Based Automation System

SyntaxHighlighter.all();The community has long requested the ability to affect change to the BIG-IP configuration by some external factor, be it iRules trigger, process or system failure event, or even monitor results. Well, rest easy folks, among... Read more
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The Appification of Everything

#gluecon #mobile #fastapp Mobile applications still rely on "the web" under the covers. On my phone I have, like most people I suspect, many "apps". The thing is, many of these "apps" are simply web sites that... Read more
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iRules - Is There Anything You Can't Do?

Ex·ten·si·ble (in programming): Said of a system (e.g., program, file format, programming language, protocol, etc.) designed to easily allow the addition of new features at a later date. (from Dictionary.com) Whenever I attend a F5... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Blue-Green Deployment Pattern

#gluecon #devops Intelligent handling of requests whether for testing or migration or upgrades requires programmability in the network. Cory von Wallenstein, CTO of Dyn Inc, gave a great presentation at Glue 2013 on upgrading infrastructure. I... Read more
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My Top 5 iRules Development Practices

I've been writing iRules now for about eight years and have found many ways around success along the way. But I've also learned a few things as well, many of which save me a lot of time and frustration on the bigger and more complex... Read more
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Configure. Test. Deploy. Rinse. Repeat.

#devops At the heart of automation is a simple Aristotelian premise: we are what we repeatedly do. Don and I have four children, all of whom have had the fortune to take piano lessons (I'm not sure if the youngest would agree he's... Read more
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What Applications Want

#SDN #API #devops What is it that applications want, and more importantly, what of those desires can the network fulfill? That's one of the questions SDN has to answer in order to make SDN relevant in the big picture that is th... Read more
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