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Sometimes a Hack is Not a Hack, but We Should Still Worry

#LTEWS #Security I was at a roundtable discussion recently talking about security in the mobile carrier networks. During the discussion the recently announced SS7 signaling hack was introduced as an example. I would propose that this vulnerability... Read more
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How Diameter routing for policy can become a differentiator when offering VoLTE services?

This blog post was written by Peter Nas, Senior Solution Architect, F5  In a discussion around the added-value of a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) in a VoLTE deployment, I was asked the following questions and would like to share my response: ... Read more
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Sally Orders Lunch: Retail On-Line Payment

Sally is hungry but she left her wallet at the office. “I know, I’ll go to the Local Diner,” she thought. “Let’s see what looks good.” She opens the website and sees: “Yum, the hot dog looks good, and I’ll also have a coffee.” Sally clicks the... Read more
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Looking for gold under a standard DRA

People have often told me that I should share some of the content of my discussions with customers. So here goes: While speaking to a customer I begin to reflect on why DRAs (Diameter Routing Agent) usually interest core network signaling... Read more
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Diameter–SS7 IWF: Bridging the Signals between New and Old Worlds

This is written by a Guest Blogger, Ohad Ramot, Principal Software Engineer at F5 Indeed, LTE (4G) networks are spreading rapidly and are being deployed all over the globe. However, most of the networks out there are based on 2G/3G... Read more
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TRAFFIC! Growth and Carrier Challenges – Part II

This is Part Two of Two for a Guest Blog by Tom Carter, VP Worldwide Sales at F5 Networks. What enhancements are needed to address the network and signaling congestion?  The 3GPP standards provide a very useful architecture reference to... Read more
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TRAFFIC! Growth and Carrier Challenges – Part I

This is a Guest Blog by Tom Carter, VP Worldwide Sales at F5 Networks.The incredible growth of smartphones in mobile operators’ networks has had dramatic effects.  It’s GREAT for users but a huge challenge for operators, and in fact a double... Read more
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Neutered net-neutrality and Diameter signaling

Some parts of the media and concerned internet users are up in arms about the recent ruling on the FCC’s net-neutrality regulations, preventing the agency from ensuring that all web traffic is treated equally. Their concern is understandable. No... Read more
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The Top Ten Requirements to look for when selecting your Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) for your IMS/LTE Network

There are many important aspects, features and technologies to be aware of when you are deploying an IMS or LTE network. Here is a handy check list for key requirements to look for before you begin your “shopping” for Diameter signaling... Read more
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What is Intelligent Roaming?

Roaming means you connect with an operator in the country in which you are visiting: What can make it intelligent? When you are traveling abroad the last thing you want to worry about is loss of service from your mobile phone. And you also don’t... Read more
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Why Separate the DRA from PCRF Functionality?

Or Why Not Combine the Functionality if Possible? To begin, we should ask what are the intended functionalities of a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) and a Policy Charging & Rules Function (PCRF). A PCRF is the Policy Decision Point (PDP)... Read more
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The Pressing Problem of Signaling Surges in LTE

Ben Volkow, VP of F5 Traffix, was selected among the attendees of LTE World Summit in Barcelona, Spain in May 2012 to be interviewed about the pressing problem of the signaling surges in LTE networks. Listen to what Ben had to say…when in Spain. Read more
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Bullet Proof Your Network, Don’t Rely on Estimations

The Real-time dynamic of Diameter signaling: Beyond calculations Estimating the volume of signaling is exactly that… an estimation. The telecom ecosystem is filled with so many factors that can radically change signaling volume at any secon... Read more
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The Brain Surgeons of Diameter

I’ve been hearing something from the field that doesn’t quite sit right. I’ve been hearing that developers of 3G voice protocol SS7 can easily segue into developing good solutions using 4G Diameter protocol such as real-time intelligent routers... Read more
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How Town Planning Is Like LTE Network Planning

Imagine, if a small town consisting of one main road, a few arterial roads with the traditional system of traffic lights, one day woke up to a new reality. Overnight the town residents were shocked to see thousands of new business moving in,... Read more
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Why You Should Care about Diameter Management Solutions

“Diameter for the Technically Challenged” or what should you know about Diameter signaling protocol even if you are not a telecom engineer During your average day how many times do you: Speak and text on your smartphone, Browse on your tablet, or... Read more
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Traffix-pedia: Diameter for Techies

Traffix-pedia: Diameter Protocol for Techies The Diameter protocol was derived from the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol with many improvements in different aspects. Although initially defined by IETF; Diameter was... Read more
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LTE World Summit 2012: Operators World Over are Planning LTE

I’d like to share a few observations while on my way home from Informa’s LTE World Summit that just concluded in Barcelona. There was a wider range of operators attending the two day event than I expected. From our customers, I know that top tier... Read more
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The Critical Need for Diameter Management Solutions - More than Ever

The Critical Need for Diameter Solutions – Why More Now than Ever Before The mass market penetration of smart phones has skyrocketed the use of mobile data. Mobile applications create many signaling transactions in operators’ networks, sometimes... Read more
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Diameter Resources

Since Diameter is a relatively new protocol introduced to support data in telecommunications networks, I think it's worth providing a series of links to the industry standards bodies that play a significant role in Diameter's... Read more
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Something is Happening Here…Thoughts on my Way to Dallas.

Some thoughts as I begin packing my bags to attend Informa’s LTE North America show in Dallas, an event that promises to bring over 800 people solely focused on the subject of rolling out or optimizing their LTE networks for a high quality... Read more
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F5 and Traffix: When Worlds Collide

#mwc12 #traffix #mobile Strategic points of control are critical to managing the convergence of technology in any network - enterprise or carrier What happens when technology converges? When old meets new? A fine example of what might happen... Read more
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What Ingredients Make A Leading Signaling Delivery Controller and Diameter Router?

Prospective customers often ask, “What makes the F5 Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller the market leading Diameter solution, and the top Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)?” We put our heads together and here’s why we can proudly say that F5's... Read more
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iApp–Not just for apps

#devops #v11 #iapp Let’s spend some time talking about how iApp templates aren’t just for deploying and managing applications. Huh? The value of iApp templates extends far beyond applications. Remember, a template is used to describe the user... Read more
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Google SPDY Protocol Would Require Mass Change in Infrastructure

Google’s desire to speed up the web via a new protocol is laudable, but the SPDY protocol would require massive changes across networks to support ArsTechnica had an interesting article on one of Google’s latest projects, a new web protocol... Read more
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