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Your SSL Secrets Uncovered

Get Started with SSL Orchestrator SSL and its brethren TLS is becoming more prevalent to secure IP communications on the internet. It’s not just financial, health care or other sensitive sites, even search engines routinely use the encryption... Read more
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Ask the Expert – Why SSL Everywhere?

Kevin Stewart, Security Solution Architect, talks about the paradigm shift in the way we think about IT network services, particularly SSL and encryption. Gone are the days where clear text roams freely on the internal network and organization... Read more
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RSA2015 – SSL Everywhere (feat Holmes)

F5 Worldwide Security Evangelist, David Holmes, talks about why the internet is going SSL Everywhere. He explains why there’s been a surge in encrypted traffic and reveals some interesting statistics from his ongoing research on the SSL protocol.... Read more
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Wireless network considerations for the enterprise

The announcement of Telstra’s plans to rollout a new WiFi network to provide 8000 new WiFi hotspots around Australia is no doubt welcome news to individuals and businesses alike. New modems will be provided to two million homes and businesses to... Read more
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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out…

…is probably one of the most memorable lines of any Holiday Classic.  Of course I’m referring to A Christmas Story, where a young Ralphie tries to convince his parents, teachers and Santa that the Red Ryder BB Gun is the perfect... Read more
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Android Encrypted Databases

The Android development community, as might be expected, is a pretty vibrant community with a lot of great contributors helping people out. Since Android is largely based upon Java, there is a lot of skills reusability between the Java client dev... Read more
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F5 Friday: Secure Data in Flight

#bigdata #infosec Fat apps combined with SSL Everywhere strategies suggest a need for more powerful processing in the application delivery tier  According to Netcraft, who tracks these kinds of things, SSL usage has doubled from 2008 and... Read more
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Of Escalators and Network Traffic

Escalators are an interesting first world phenomenon. While not strictly necessary anywhere, they still turn up all over in most first-world countries. The key to their popularity is, no doubt, the fact that they move traffic much more quickly... Read more
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BIG-IP Edge Client 2.0.2 for Android

Earlier this week F5 released our BIG-IP Edge Client for Android with support for the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  You can grab it off Amazon instantly for your Android device.  By supporting BIG-IP Edge Client on Kindle Fire products, F5... Read more
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Advanced Load Balancing For Developers. The Network Dev Tool

It has been a while since I wrote an installment of Load Balancing for Developers, and now I think it has been too long, but never fear, this is the grad-daddy of Load Balancing for Developers blogs, covering a useful bit of information about... Read more
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F5 Friday: Big Data? Big Risk…

#bigdata #infosec Storing sensitive data in the cloud is made more palatable by applying a little security before the data leaves the building… When corporate hardware, usually laptops, are stolen, one of the first questions asked by... Read more
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Hackers Hit Vacation Spots

Just when you were having all that fun running around the waterpark and playing those arcade games comes news that the card processing system of Vacationland Vendors Inc., a Wisconsin Dells firm that supplies arcade games and installs vending... Read more
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Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar … and Did They Have Proper Consent?

Cookies as a service enabled via infrastructure services provide an opportunity to improve your operational posture.  Fellow DevCentral blogger Robert Haynes posted a great look at a UK law regarding cookies. Back in May a new law went info... Read more
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More Complexity, New Problems, Sounds Like IT!

It is a very cool world we live in, where technology is concerned. We’re looking at a near future where your excess workload, be it applications or storage, can be shunted off to a cloud. Your users have more power in their hands than ever before,... Read more
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Databases in the Cloud Revisited

A few of us were talking on Facebook about high speed rail (HSR) and where/when it makes sense the other day, and I finally said that it almost never does. Trains lost out to automobiles precisely because they are rigid and inflexible, whil... Read more
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Load Balancing For Developers: Security and TCP Optimizations

It has been a while since I wrote a Load Balancing for Developers installment, and since they’re pretty popular and there’s still a lot about Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) that are taken for granted in the Networking industry but... Read more
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Cloud Storage Use Models

I was on the road last week, doing my bit for a roadshow with VMWare and NetApp sponsored by CDW. My team has spread these trips out amongst us, and I drew Nashville as my city to visit. I’ve been through and around Nashville, but never stayed... Read more
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The New Certificate 2048 My Performance

SSL is a cryptographic protocol used to secure communications over the internet.  SSL ensures secure end-to-end transmission and is implemented in every Web browser.  It can also be used to secure email, instant messaging and VoIP... Read more
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The Encryption Dance - LIVE

I get the chance to perform my ‘The Encryption Dance’ Live A Capella during the Security and Control Session at the F5 Summit. Read more
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Stop Repeating Yourself. Deduping WAN-Opt Style

Ever hang out with the person who just wants to make their point, and no matter what the conversation says the same thing over and over in slightly different ways? Ever want to tell them they were doing their  favorite cause/point/whatever a... Read more
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How May I Speed and Secure Replication? Let Me Count the Ways.

Related Articles and Blogs: SMB Storage Replication: Acceleration VS. More Bandwidth Three Top Tips for Successful Business Continuity Planning Data Replication for Backup Best Practices ... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 6/25/2010

Many happenings abound these days, enough that it's hard for even me to keep track of them all. Amongst them in the past couple weeks have been wicked cool iRules projects, video projects, and likely most importantly of all, the expansion of... Read more
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This Space Almost Intentionally Left Blank.

I had just finished writing this blog and was about to post it, taking that moment to go do other things before one final read-through, and guess what? I saw this article on Dell’s site cross my Twitter account. I’ll blame the fact that I’m the... Read more
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Following Google’s Lead on Security? Don’t Forget to Encrypt Cookies

In the wake of Google’s revelation that its GMail service had been repeatedly attacked over the past year the search engine goliath announced it would be moving to HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) by default for all GMail connections. For users, nothing much... Read more
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WILS: Why Does Load Balancing Improve Application Performance?

WILS: The Concise Guide to *-Load Balancing WILS: Network Load Balancing versus Application Load Balancing WILS: InfoSec Needs to Focus on Access not Protection WILS: Applications Should Be Like Sith Lords WILS: Cloud Changes ... Read more
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