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The API Is the New CLI

Infrastructure 2.0, from a purely developmental standpoint, is about APIs. It’s about offering up the functionality and capabilities of a wide variety of infrastructure – network, storage, and application network – to be externally controll... Read more
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If You Focus on Products You’ll Miss the Cloud

The real power behind cloud is processes, and those don’t come out of a box VMworld, in case you’ve been out of touch, is approaching fairly quickly. As with any trade show/conference there’s likely to be a lot of announcements about this and... Read more
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Use The Source, Luke!

Is ESB just an expensive integration hub or is there more to the story than we heard… In the beginning, the ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), was marketed as much more than an integration technology. While the core of an ESB is  certainly about... Read more
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Business-Layer Load Balancing

One of the interesting points that discussions around intercloud brings up is the need for infrastructure to, if you’ll pardon the use of marketing jargon, align with the business. What that really means is that applications and their supporting... Read more
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I do not think that word means what you think it means

Greg Ferro over at My Etherealmind has a, for lack of a better word, interesting entry in his Network Dictionary on the term "Application Delivery Controller." He says:Application Delivery Controller (ADC) - Historically known as a “load... Read more
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Is your SOA really SEA?

In reading through ZapThink's latest post regarding the "Great ESB Controversy of 2008" it occurred to me that it is quite possible, and probably likely, that the issue of ESB use primarily revolves around whether you're doing... Read more
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Madness? THIS. IS. SOA!

There is an interesting war being fought in the blogosphere over the use (or overuse) of ESB (enterprise service buses) to build out a SOA (service oriented architecture). It certainly appears that Dave Linthicum is taking on the role of Leonidas... Read more
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Progress acquires IONA: Should it dump Sonic?

Back in the "winter review from hell" I installed, configured, integrated, orchestrated, tested, and evaluated eight separate ESB (enterprise service bus) products for Network Computing Magazine. Yes, I was a busy gal. I've tested... Read more
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Load Balancing as an ESB Service

Most people, upon hearing the term "load balancing" immediately think of web and application servers deployed at the edge of the network. After all, that's where load balancing is most often used - to ensure that a public facing web... Read more
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