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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out…

…is probably one of the most memorable lines of any Holiday Classic.  Of course I’m referring to A Christmas Story, where a young Ralphie tries to convince his parents, teachers and Santa that the Red Ryder BB Gun is the perfect... Read more
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The Changing Security Threat Landscape Infographic

In conjunction with a new video and a security white paper, this F5 infographic validates the need for organizations to rethink security practices.  The global security threat landscape is rapidly evolving and has changed dramatically in ways... Read more
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Cure Your Big App Attack

Not that I really needed to point his out but, security attacks are moving ‘up the stack.’  90% of security investments are focused on network security, yet according to Gartner, 75% of the attacks are focused at the application layer and... Read more
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Custom Code for Targeted Attacks

Botnets?  Old school.  Spam?  So yesterday.  Phishing?  Don’t even bother…well, on second thought.  Spaghetti hacking like spaghetti marketing, toss it and see what sticks, is giving way to specific development of... Read more
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And The Hits Keep Coming

In case you missed this over the long weekend, a few more notable names were compromised in recent weeks.  A few weeks ago I wrote about how the Big Attacks are Back and it sure seems like the hits keep coming.  First, last Friday,... Read more
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The Big Attacks are Back…Not That They Ever Stopped

As we've seen with some of the recent high profile internet attacks, like HBGary, RSA, Google, Comodo and others, no one is immune from being a target and the perpetrators are exceedingly organized, exceptionally skilled and extremely... Read more
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2010 Year End Security Wrap

Figured I’d write this now since many of you will be celebrating the holidays over the next couple weeks and who really wants to read a blog when you’re reveling with family and friends.  It’s been an interesting year for information... Read more
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Today’s Target: Corporate Secrets

Intellectual Property is one of a company’s most precious assets and includes things like patents, inventions, designs, source code, trademarks, trade secrets and more.  These formulas, processes, practices and other inside information can... Read more
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Dan Kaminsky Interview Part I

Peter Silva of F5 sits down with IOActive's Dan Kaminsky. In this extremely informative and lively discussion, the Domain Name System is the topic. DNS infrastructure, DNS vulnerabilities including DNS Cache Poisoning, DNSSEC and what's... Read more
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Dan Kaminsky Interview Part II

Peter Silva of F5 continues his conversation with IOActive's Dan Kaminsky. Please see Part 1 for complete description. In this segment, Dan talks about the discovery of DNS Cache Poisoning, DNSSEC and the overall importance of DNS to the... Read more
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New Decade, Same Threats?

Do I call it Twenty-Ten or Two Thousand Ten?  Just not Two Thousand and Ten since that pesky decimal takes us back 10 years.  Eh, either way, the new year and decade brings out all the predictions for the coming year with this one taking... Read more
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