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I am in your HTTP headers, attacking your application

Zero-day IE exploits and general mass SQL injection attacks often overshadow potentially more dangerous exploits targeting lesser known applications and attack vectors. These exploits are potentially more dangerous because once proven through a... Read more
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3 reasons you need a WAF even if your code is (you think) secure

Everyone is buzzing and tweeting about the SANS Institute CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors, many heralding its release as the dawning of a new age in secure software. Indeed, it's already changing purchasing requirements.... Read more
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New TCP vulnerability about trust, not technology

I read about a "new" TCP flaw that, according to C|Net News, Related Posts puts Web sites at risk. There is very little technical information available; the researchers who discovered th... Read more
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A Billion More Laughs: The JavaScript hack that acts like an XML attack

Don is off in Lowell working on a project with our ARX folks so I was working late last night (finishing my daily read of the Internet) and ended up reading Scott Hanselman's discussion of threads versus processes in Chrome and IE8. It was a... Read more
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What IT Security can learn from a restroom sign

As an industry - both security and application delivery - we talk a lot about securing the application infrastructure (databases, web and application servers) by making sure that the data going into the applications is "clean". After... Read more
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How do you stop psd5c4fpsd3a4epsd227?

By now you've certainly heard about the "zero day" Adobe Flash player exploit. If not, you can read a bit about it here and here. What appears to be going on is similar to how other exploits and malware become quickly propagated... Read more
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