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Evaluating Your Tech Needs

In our increasingly digitised world, consumption habits are changing – both at a consumer and enterprise level – which in turn will significantly impact the way the C-Suite assesses their company’s technology needs. Consumers and employees are... Read more
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The Revolution Towards a Software Defined Everything

The IT fraternity has swarmed around the concept of software-defined networking everything, which encompasses the accompanying buzzwords of Software Defined Networking (SDN), Software Defined Storage (SDS) and even extending to Software Defined... Read more
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Taking the driver’s seat in the App-centric journey

The app economy has taken hold of the world at lightning pace. It is as much social and cultural as it is economic. At its core is how it affects and engages the wider technology landscape. Connectivity is no longer a mere mechanism ... Read more
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F5 opens Support Centre in Auckland

Did you hear about the opening of our latest Support Centre in Auckland?! This is our latest global expansion to provide our customers with the most convenient access to our technical support operations. The decision to launch the support centre... Read more
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IT security isn’t one size fits all

The security landscape today is highly complex, which can largely be attributed to the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber attacks, particularly from an execution perspective. For example, DDoS attacks are now reaching speeds of up to... Read more
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