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In the Cloud, It's the Little Things That Get You. Here are nine of them.

#F5 Eight things you need to consider very carefully when moving apps to the cloud. Moving to a model that utilizes the cloud is a huge proposition. You can throw some applications out there without looking back – if they have no ties to the... Read more
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Remember When Hand Carts Were State Of The Art? Me either.

Funny thing about the advancement of technology, in most of the modern world we enshrine it, spend massive amounts of money to find “the next big thing”, and act as if change is not only inevitable, but rapid. The truth is that change i... Read more
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Why Developers Should Demand Web App Firewalls.

The Web Application Firewall debate has been raging for a very long time, and we keep hearing the same comments going back and forth. Many organizations have implemented them as a fast-track to compliance, primarily compliance with PCI-DSS, bu... Read more
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It Is Not What The Market Is Doing, But What You Are.

We spend an obsessive amount of time looking at the market and trying to lean toward accepted technologies. Seriously, when I was in IT management, there were an inordinate number of discussions about the state of market X or Y. While these... Read more
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The Security Question

We were sitting and chatting with a fellow geek last night, and he was describing a corporate network he is familiar with. The description was like a tale from the old show “The Twilight Zone”. If it was a security vulnerability, it was present... Read more
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Technical Options. Opportunity and Confusion

One of the things that I love about technology is the fact that every time there is a problem, five solutions crop up to solve it. One of the things I hate about technology is the fact that every time there is a problem, five solutions crop up t... Read more
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Many Stops is Good for Vacation, Not for WAN Opt

Anyone who has children and travels by car will tell you that there is no substitute for the mandatory array of bathroom breaks that must be taken by those children. One of the many reasons I prefer to travel at night when driving long distances... Read more
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