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Window Coverings and Security

Note: While talking about this post with Lori during a break, it occurred to me that you might be thinking I meant “MS Windows”. Not this time, but that gives me another blog idea… And I’ll sneak in the windows –> Windows simile somewhere, no... Read more
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No Really. Broadband.

In nature, things seek a balance that is sustainable. In the case of rivers, if there is too much pressure from water flowing, they either flood or open streams to let off the pressure. Both are technically examples of erosion, but we’re not here... Read more
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As NetWork Speeds Increase, Focus Shifts

Someone said something interesting to me the other day, and they’re right “at 10 Gig WAN connections with compression turned on, you’re not likely to fill the pipe, the key is to make certain you’re not the bottleneck.” (the other day is relative... Read more
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How Developers Will Impact Cloud Expenses

We developers used to be obsessed with optimizations. Like a child with an Erector Set and a whole lot of spare parts, we always wanted to “make it better”. In our case, better was faster and using less memory/CPU resources. Where development came... Read more
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Dell Buys Ocarina Networks. Dedupe For All?

Storage at rest de-duplication has been a growing point of interest for most IT staffs over the last year or so, just because de-duplication allows you to purchase less hardware over time, and if that hardware is a big old storage array sucking a... Read more
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Stop Repeating Yourself. Deduping WAN-Opt Style

Ever hang out with the person who just wants to make their point, and no matter what the conversation says the same thing over and over in slightly different ways? Ever want to tell them they were doing their  favorite cause/point/whatever a... Read more
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Cloud Storage Gateways. Short term win, but long term…?

In the rush to cloud, there are many tools and technologies out there that are brand new. I’ve covered a few, but that’s nowhere near a complete list, but it’s interesting to see what is going on out there from a broad-spectrum view. I have talked... Read more
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IT Managers: Good Ideas Need Guidance

It is Memorial Day here in the US, where we remember those who served our country in the military – particularly those who gave their lives in military service. So I thought I’d tell you a cautionary tale of a good idea gone horribly wrong… ... Read more
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Our data is so deduped that no two bits are alike!

Related Articles and Blogs Dedupe Ratios Do Matter (NWC) Ask Dr Dedupe: NetApp Deduplication Crosses the Exabyte Mark (NetApp) Dipesh on Dedupe: Deduplication Boost or Bust? (CommVau... Read more
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