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Configure HA Groups on BIG-IP

Last week we talked about how HA Groups work on BIG-IP and this week we’ll look at how to configure HA Groups in BIG-IP. Read more
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High Availability Groups on BIG-IP

High Availability of applications is critical to an organization’s survival. On BIG-IP, HA Groups is a feature that allows BIG-IP to fail over automatically based not on the health of the BIG-IP system itself but rather on the health of external... Read more
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Load Aware Fabrics

#cloud Heterogeneous infrastructure fabrics are appealing but watch out for the gotchas One of the "rules" of application delivery (and infrastructure in general) has been that when scaling out such technologies, all components must be... Read more
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Load Balancing 101: Scale versus Fail

#cloud Elasticity is a design pattern for scalability, not necessarily failability. One of the phrases you hear associated with cloud computing is "architecting for failure." Rather than build in a lot of hardware-level redundancy... Read more
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Why Layer 7 Load Balancing Doesn’t Suck

Alternative title: Didn’t We Resolve This One 10 Years Ago? There’s always been a bit of a disconnect between traditional network-focused ops and more modern, application-focused ops when it comes to infrastructure architecture. The arguments... Read more
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Mission Impossible: Stateful Cloud Failover

The quest for truly stateful failover continues… Lightning was the latest cause of an outage at Amazon, this time in its European zones. Lightning, like tornadoes, volcanoes, and hurricanes are often categorized as “Acts of God” and therefore... Read more
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Once Again, I Can Haz Storage As A Service?

While plenty of people have had  a mouthful (or page full, or pipe full) of things to say about the Amazon outage, the one thing that  it brings to the fore is not a problem with cloud, but a problem with storage. Long ago, the defaul... Read more
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If you aren’t asking “what if” now you’ll be asking “why me” later

One of the negatives of providing a solution is that it necessarily assumes there is a problem. That’s actually a fair assumption in the technology world, as problems seem to abound with no end in sight. What it also does, unfortunately, is lead... Read more
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Reliability does not come from SOA Governance

An interesting InformationWeek article asks whether SOA intermediaries such as "enterprise service bus, design-time governance, runtime management, and XML security gateways" are required for an effective SOA. It further posits that SOA... Read more
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8 things you can do with an ADC to make your apps secure, fast, and available

An application delivery controller (ADC) essentially acts a reverse proxy. That means that client requests interact with the ADC, and the ADC interacts with web and application servers on the client's behalf. This mediation offers t... Read more
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