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Taking Comfort In Understanding File Virtualization Terminology

Have you ever began boarding an airplane and thought to yourself, "Wow, this plane is huge… and it's about to fly through the air? How crazy is that?" To make myself feel better I like to see the man or women behind th... Read more
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SSDs, Velocity and the Rate of Change.

The rate of change in a mathematical equation can vary immensely based upon the equation and the inputs to the equation. Certainly the rate of change for f(x) = x^2 is a far different picture than the rate of change for f(x)=2x, for example. Th... Read more
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In The End, You Have to Clean.

Lori and I have a large technical reference library, both in print and electronic. Part of the reason it is large is because we are electronics geeks. We seriously want to know what there is to know about computers, networks, systems, an... Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld 2011: F5 ARX & Oracle ZFS Storage

I meet with F5's ARX Solution Engineer Matt Quill for a F5 ARX and Oracle ZFS Storage along with chatting with Oracle's David Wallace.</p> <p>ps</p> ... Read more
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Analyzing Performance Metrics for File Virtualization

Trying to analyze your file storage from an RPC-level can be a challenge, but the fruits of your labor can be tasty if you put in the work (sorry, went Apple picking last weekend and it’s still on my mind.) It is time to bust out your storage... Read more
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Toll Booths and Dams. And Strategic Points of Control

An interesting thing about toll booths, they provide a point at which all sorts of things can happen. When you are stopped to pay a toll, it smooths the flow of traffic by letting a finite number of vehicles through per minute, reducing congestio... Read more
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File Virtualization Performance: Understanding CIFS Create ANDX

Once upon a time, files resided on a local disk and file access performance was measured by how fast the disk head accessed the platters, but today those platters may be miles away; creating, accessing and deleting files takes on a ne... Read more
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Sometimes, If IT Isn’t Broken, It Still Needs Fixing.

In our first house, we had a set of stairs that were horrible. They were unfinished, narrow, and steep. Lori went down them once with a vacuum cleaner, they were just not what we wanted in the house. They came out into the kitchen, so you wer... Read more
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It Is Not What The Market Is Doing, But What You Are.

We spend an obsessive amount of time looking at the market and trying to lean toward accepted technologies. Seriously, when I was in IT management, there were an inordinate number of discussions about the state of market X or Y. While these... Read more
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Now it’s Time for Efficiency Gains in the Network.

One of the things that F5 has been trying to do since before I came to the company is reach out to developers. Some of the devices in your network could be effective AppDev tools if utilized to their full extent, and indeed, I’ve helped companie... Read more
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What Is Your Reason for Virtualization and Cloud, Anyway?

Gear shifting in a modern car is a highly virtualized application nowadays. Whether you’re driving a stick or an automatic, it is certainly not the same as your great grandaddy’s shifting (assuming he owned a car). The huge difference between ... Read more
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Copied Data. Is it a Replica, Snapshot, Backup, or an Archive?

It is interesting to me the number of variant Transformers that have been put out over the years, and the effect that has on those who like transformers. There are four different “Construction Devastator” figures put out over the years (there ma... Read more
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More Complexity, New Problems, Sounds Like IT!

It is a very cool world we live in, where technology is concerned. We’re looking at a near future where your excess workload, be it applications or storage, can be shunted off to a cloud. Your users have more power in their hands than ever before,... Read more
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Useful Cloud Advice, Part One. Storage

There’s a whole lot of talk about cloud revolutionizing IT, and a whole lot of argument about public versus private cloud, even a considerable amount of talk about what belongs in the cloud. But not much talk about helping you determine what... Read more
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In Times Of Change, IT Can Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way.

Information Technology – geeks like you and I – have been responsible for an amazing transformation of business over the last thirty or forty years. The systems that have been put into place since computers became standard fare for businesses hav... Read more
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The Question Is Not “Are You Ready For Cloud Storage?”

I recently read a piece in Network Computing Magazine that was pretty disparaging of NAS devices, and with a hand-wave the author pronounced NAS dead, long live cloud storage. Until now, storage has been pretty much immune to the type of hyp... Read more
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Graduating Your Storage

Lori and I’s youngest daughter graduated from High School this year, and her class chose one of the many good Vince Lombardi quotes for the theme of their graduation – “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” Those who... Read more
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The Right (Platform) Tool For the Job(s).

One of my hobbies is modeling – mostly for wargaming but also for the sake of modeling. In an average year I do a lot of WWII models, some modern military, some civilian vehicles, figures from an array of historical timeperiods and the occasional... Read more
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Once Again, I Can Haz Storage As A Service?

While plenty of people have had  a mouthful (or page full, or pipe full) of things to say about the Amazon outage, the one thing that  it brings to the fore is not a problem with cloud, but a problem with storage. Long ago, the defaul... Read more
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Is it time for a new Enterprise Architect?

After a short break to get some major dental rework done, I return to you with my new, sore mouth for a round of “Maybe we should have…” discussions. In the nineties and early 21st century, positions were created in may organizations with titles... Read more
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Cloud Storage at Computer Technology Review

Since I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, I thought I’d offer you all a link to my article in Computer Technology Review about The Cloud Tier. The point was to delve into how/when/where/why of cloud storage usage. While there is a lot to say o... Read more
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Cloud Storage Use Models

I was on the road last week, doing my bit for a roadshow with VMWare and NetApp sponsored by CDW. My team has spread these trips out amongst us, and I drew Nashville as my city to visit. I’ve been through and around Nashville, but never stayed... Read more
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It is Never Easy, But There’s a Lot of Change Going On.

Every spring I get excited. I live in Wisconsin, which my travels have shown me you may not understand. I have actually been told “that is not your house, there is snow on the ground. All of America is sun and beaches”. Well, in Wisconsin, it get... Read more
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A Rose By Any Other Name. Appliances Are More Than Systems.

One of the majors Lori and I’s oldest son is pursuing is in philosophy. I’ve never been a huge fan of philosophy, but as he and Lori talked, I decided to find out more, and picked up one of The Great Courses on The Philosophy of Science to try and... Read more
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