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F5 Access Policy Manager and Firefox Browser version 43 and 47+

Upcoming Engineering Hotfixes for BIG-IP Access Policy Manager to address interruptions brought by new plug-in signing requirements in Firefox Browser versions 43 and 44 Read more
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Searching DevCentral Just Got Easier

I recently received an internal iRule email and one of our folks created a search provider for FireFox to search DevCentral.  Lori quickly responded and asked if we could get this posted to DevCentral.  Why not if it will help the... Read more
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Being first to do something doesn’t automatically make it proprietary even if the first is Microsoft

Somebody has to be first Recently Microsoft came up with a solution, supported natively in IE8, to protect against clickjacking attempts. Apparently some folks have decided that because Microsoft has a history of implementing proprietary... Read more
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Clickjacking Protection Using X-FRAME-OPTIONS Available for Firefox

But browser support is only half the solution, don’t forget to implement the server-side, too. Clickjacking, unlike more well-known (and understood) web application vulnerabilities, has been given scant amount of attention despite its risks and... Read more
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Page Speed v1.0 VS YSlow v2.0

Last week Google announced a new open source plug-in for Firefox called Page Speed which can be used to assess the performance of web pages and make recommendations on speeding up the delivery.  To me this sounded a lot like Yslow, of course... Read more
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Who's Winning the Browser Wars

We all have our favourite browsers for one reason or another and if you're a geek like me you might even have 3 browsers or more installed.  With all the new browsers being launched we are being bombarded with statistics about which one... Read more
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IE8 By the Numbers

The browser wars don't interest me that much.  Personally, I want my browser to a) present my content in a pleasing intended way and b) not crash.  All the rest is gravy.  That said, I use both IE and Firefox, the former as it... Read more
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What's in an RFC?

Deciphering and interpreting an RFC is never an easy thing and many times the same RFC can be interpreted different ways.  My favourite RFC is RFC 2616 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 specifically section 13 on caching and section... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - M is for Mozilla

Thanks to my colleague Sam for helping me come up with an M word.  I was going to talk about multiplexing but Lori beat me to it.  So instead of multiplexing m is for Mozilla.  Probably one of the most popular Mozilla projects is... Read more
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How to prevent content theft using Apache mod_rewrite or F5 iRules

Over the years imaginative developers have come up with a number of ways through which they hope to stop the pilfering of their images. Whether due to copyright issues or the increased bandwidth and associated costs resulting from "hot... Read more
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Protect Yourself From ClickJacking With FireFox And NoScript

Worried about losing your personal information?  Yep, me too!  The updated FireFox plugin NoScript aims to thwart the recently discovered ClickJacking class of browser based security exploits. Less than a month ago a new class of browse... Read more
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Firebug: The Firefox add-on everybody else says I can't live without

After proclaiming very publicly that I loved HttpFox and everyone Related Posts should have it there were many comments regarding Firebug, including some that came via e-mail. I've used Firebug ... Read more
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HttpFox: The Firefox add-on you can't live without

Whether you're a network architect, a web developer, or a web administrator there's one tool that's a must have in your troubleshooting toolbox: a protocol analyzer. Like many network focused folks, I traditionally rely upon ethereal... Read more
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Google Chrome doesn't want you to visit google.com securely!

I was playing around with Google Chrome the last few days and of course the first thing I did was login to my personal email account on Google Apps.  Everything seemed to work great so I went ahead and visited a few other sites.&#160... Read more
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IE8: Robbing Peter to pay Paul

For those of you unfamiliar with the idiom, it should be taken to mean "benefiting one at the expense of another." In this case, Paul is the end-user and Peter is the server administrator. Or better yet, Paul is the browser and Peter is... Read more
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Is the URL headed for the endangered technology list?

Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst, Social Computing, Forrester Research, tweeted recently on the subject of Chrome, Google's new open source browser. Jeremiah postulates: Chrome is a nod to the future, the address bar is really a search... Read more
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Google Chrome - Review

Seeing how I haven't installed any beta software lately (yeah right), I figured I jump in with everyone else on the net and see what's up with Google's new entry in the browser market.  If you haven't heard about Chrome yet... Read more
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Is the Mozilla FireFox 3 SSL policy bad for the web?

Slashdot is discussing a recent rant regarding Mozilla FireFox 3's SSL policy regarding self-signed certificates. The rant claims that the policy is "bad for the web."  Nat Tuck Thu on Mozilla SSL policy bad for the... Read more
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Download Firefox 3, Help Set a Guinness World Record

Mozilla is planning to go for a Guinness World record for the most number of downloads within the first 24 hours of releasing Firefox 3, and are asking folks to pledge to download on release day. They are also suggesting download parties,... Read more
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Web 2.0: Driving Adoption of Firefox?

Matt Asay has an interesting post regarding the adoption of Firefox in the enterprise. According to a recent Forrester study, Firefox has garnered an 18% market share in that space in the US with an even larger share in Europe. Matt postulates... Read more
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