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Ode to FirePass

A decade ago, remote VPN access was a relatively new concept for businesses; it was available only to a select few who truly needed it, and it was usually over a dial-up connection. Vendors like Cisco, Check Point, and Microsoft started to develop... Read more
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F5 Friday: Spelunking for Big Data

Managing the other kind of performance in a data center requires the ability to analyze a whole lotta data. Big operational data. “Big data” right now is nearly as hyped as cloud computing . The vast amounts of data collected that need to be... Read more
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F5 Friday: Beyond the VPN to VAN

Web 2.0 and cloud computing have naturally pushed all things toward application-centric views, why not the VPN? When SSL VPNs were first introduced they were a welcome alternative to the traditional IPSEC VPN because they reduced the... Read more
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CloudFucius Dials Up the Cloud

According to IDC, the worldwide mobile worker population is set to increase from 919.4 million in 2008, accounting for 29% of the worldwide workforce, to 1.19 billion in 2013, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce.  The United States has th... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - S is for Security

Sometimes putting security solutions in place will undo all the work that has been done to accelerate an application.  I'm not saying throw security out the window as acceleration is more important, both are equally important and can work... Read more
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Japanese Marketing - BIG-IP

Here's another post on Japanese Marketing, F5 Style.  I've talked about iRules, TMOS, and FirePass and for today I've got our very own BIG-IP.  As I mentioned in my previous posts, since I don't speak Japanese, ... Read more
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Japanese Marketing - FirePass

So you thought I was finished with the Japanese Marketing, F5 Style huh?  Well then you'd be wrong!  Today I've got another marketing sheet focused on F5's SSL-VPN FirePass.   As I mentioned in the last two posts... Read more
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Parking Lot Posting

A while back Jeff threw out a question on forums asking about where you have "firepassed" from.  I'll throw up my latest example.  Last Tuesday was very hectic for me, I had meetings and internal training at the office i... Read more
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