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Dynamic Infrastructure Makes Static Connection Limitations Obsolete

One of the benefits of Infrastructure 2.0 is connectedness: the ability to collect and share pertinent data regarding the health and performance of applications and infrastructure services. Based on that data a dynamic infrastructure can adapt... Read more
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Virtual Machine Density as the New Measure of IT Efficiency

You’re going to need a dynamic infrastructure lest you effectively negate the gains achieved by higher VM densities In the continuing saga of “do more with less” comes a new phrase that’s being tossed around: VM density. For example, VMware puts... Read more
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Business-Layer Load Balancing

One of the interesting points that discussions around intercloud brings up is the need for infrastructure to, if you’ll pardon the use of marketing jargon, align with the business. What that really means is that applications and their supporting... Read more
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Can You Teach an Old Developer New Tricks?

When SOA was declared dead there was a spate of articles and blogs on why the architecture “died.” Most pundits came to the conclusion that like many innovations it wasn’t the technology to blame but rather people. Architects lacked the skills to... Read more
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Infrastructure 2.0: Flexibility is Key to Dynamic Infrastructure

dy·nam·ic (adj) Characterized by continuous change, activity, or progress flex·i·ble (adj) Responsive to change; adaptable. Able to bend without breaking   Infrastructure 2.0 is, at its core, about not just the network... Read more
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One Size Does Not Fit All

Outside of the technology world a lot of products are billed as "one size fits all". Anyone who's purchased such a product generally knows, no, no they don't. They're close, but never a truly good fit. Inside the technology... Read more
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