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He Who Defends Everything Defends nothing… Right?

There has been much  made in Information Technology about the military quote: “He Who Defends Everything Defends Nothing” – Originally uttered by Frederick The Great of Prussia. He has some other great quotes, check them out when you have a... Read more
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Why Single-Stack Infrastructure Sucks

You may have heard the term “full-proxy architecture” or “dual stacks” thrown around in the context of infrastructure; here’s why that distinction is important.  When the terms “acceleration” and “optimization” in relation to application... Read more
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Your Network is Not My Network

Back in the day when I was actually allowed to write code for customers the pat answer to any code being returned from QA because of problems was a flat “but it works on my machine.” Alright, alright, I’ll be honest; it wasn’t flat at all, it... Read more
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8 things you can do with a proxy

After having recently discussed all the different kinds of proxies that exist, it occurred to me that it might be nice to provide some examples of what you can do with proxies besides the obvious web filtering scenario. This is by no means an... Read more
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The Concise Guide to Proxies

We often mention that the benefits derived from some application delivery controllers are due to the nature of being a full proxy. And in the same breath we might mention reverse, half, and forward proxies, which makes the technology sound more... Read more
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We iz in ur networkz, deep inspecting ur XML packetz. Wait, what?

A recent article discussing the recent challenges to enterprise service bus (ESB) products by XML/SOA gateway products contained a sentence that I found extremely puzzling. Puzzling sentence ...the technology behind both solution-sets is based... Read more
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Full (proxy) Security

With the increasing number of "data leaks" involving large numbers of affected consumers there is an increased focus on products that prevent such leaks from occurring in the first place. Many of these products have grown out of the... Read more
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