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Keep the Old, In With the New

For decades, the infrastructure needed to keep your public-facing websites online has had a relatively simple design. After all, it was all contained in one or a few datacenters under your control, or under the control of a contractor who did your... Read more
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Let me tell you Where To Go.

One thing in life, whether you are using a Garmin to go to a friend’s party or planning your career, you need to know where you’re going. Failure to have a destination in mind makes it very difficult to get directions. Even when you know where... Read more
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F5 Friday: Infoblox and F5 Do DNS and Global Load Balancing Right.

#F5Friday #F5 Infoblox and F5 improve resilience, compliance, and security for global load balancing. If you’re a large corporation, two things that are a significant challenge for your Network Administrators’ are DNS management and Global Lo... Read more
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Databases in the Cloud Revisited

A few of us were talking on Facebook about high speed rail (HSR) and where/when it makes sense the other day, and I finally said that it almost never does. Trains lost out to automobiles precisely because they are rigid and inflexible, whil... Read more
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Quick! The Data Center Just Burned Down, What Do You Do?

You get the call at 2am. The data center is on fire, and while the server room itself was protected with your high-tech fire-fighting gear, the rest of the building billowed out smoke and noxious gasses that have contaminated your servers. Unless... Read more
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F5 Friday: Elastic Applications are Enabled by Dynamic Infrastructure

You really can’t have the one without the other. VMware enables the former, F5 provides the latter. The use of public cloud computing as a means to expand compute capacity on-demand, a la during a seasonal or unexpected spike in traffic, is... Read more
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WILS: The Concise Guide to *-Load Balancing

Understanding the various types of load balancing When someone says “load balancing” the immediate reaction is usually to think of pools of servers and applications being load balanced to provide high-availability for massive sites like Amazon or... Read more
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Getting Around That Pesky Speed of Light Limitation

Can intercloud intelligence eliminate the impact of intercontinental latency? Ken has always posited that it would be not only kewl but highly efficient if your data center could “follow the sun.” We all know that application performance is... Read more
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Windows Vista Performance Issue Illustrates Importance of Context

Decisions about routing at every layer require context A friend forwarded a blog post to me last week mainly because it contained a reference to F5, but upon reading it (a couple of times) I realized that this particular post contained some very... Read more
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How Sears Could Have Used the Cloud to Stay Available Black Friday

The prediction of the death of online shopping this holiday season were, apparently, greatly exaggerated. As it's been reported, Sears, along with several other well known retailers, were victims of heavy traffic on Black Friday. One wonders... Read more
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Building a Cloudbursting Capable Infrastructure

Reuven Cohen of the Elastic Vapor blog, in this article, puts forth the notion that infrastructure is required to enable cloudbursting and then asks an excellent question: To truly enable a ... Read more
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