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F5 Friday: Devops for DNS

#devops #cloud Managing a global presence – especially in the cloud – can introduce additional complexity. Back in the day when virtualization and cloud were just making waves, one of the first challenges made obvious was managing IP... Read more
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WILS: Virtualization, Clustering, and Disaster Recovery

#virtualization Clustering is local. Disaster recovery is global. There are two levels of reliability for an application. There’s local and there’s global. We might want to consider it more simply as “inside” and “outside” reliability. ... Read more
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The Skeleton in the Global Server Load Balancing Closet

Like urban legends, every few years this one rears its head and makes its rounds. It is certainly true that everyone who has an e-mail address has received some message claiming that something bad is going on, or someone said something they... Read more
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The One Problem Cloud Can’t Solve. Or Can It?

Cloud computing can’t assure availability of applications in the face of a physical network outage, can it? Cloud computing providers focus on providing an efficient, scalable environment in which applications can be deployed and provide for... Read more
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Pursuit of Intercloud is Practical not Premature

Kicking of the new year (and a new decade) with a lively debate on a technological concept that is barely out of its infancy is always a good thing. Fred Cummins over at HP recently penned “Pursuit of the Intercloud is Premature” and caught the... Read more
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The End of DNS As We Know It

DNS wasn’t meant to handle hybrid cloud architectures and on-demand routing When you start distributing services (workloads, applications) across multiple locations, a la cloud balancing, and those locations may change on a frequent basis you... Read more
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Cloud Balancing, Cloud Bursting, and Intercloud

So once we have the intercloud, what are we going to do with it? Some debate is heating up, at least on Twitter, about a variety of cloud-related topics. As James Urquhart pointed out in his “Three debates that will benefit cloud computing”... Read more
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