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TraceSecurity: DevOps Meets Compliance

#infosec #devops #bigdata #cloud IT security initiatives can benefit from a devops approach enabled with a flexible framework What do you get when you mix some devops with compliance and its resulting big data? Okay, aside from a migraine... Read more
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Never attribute to technology that which is explained by the failure of people

#cloud Whether it’s Hanlon or Occam or MacVittie, the razor often cuts both ways. I am certainly not one to ignore the issue of complexity in architecture nor do I dismiss lightly the risk introduced by cloud computing through increased... Read more
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Why IT Needs to Take Control of Public Cloud Computing

IT organizations that fail to provide guidance for and governance over public cloud computing usage will be unhappy with the results… While it is highly unlikely that business users will “control their own destiny” by provisioning servers in... Read more
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Silos Belong on Farms Not in Clouds

Beware the danger of building out isolated network and application network infrastructures in the cloud lest we end up with silos from which it is difficult to escape.   While writing a separate post on the business value of public versus... Read more
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Governance: Service Catalogs and the Cloud

Can the inherent abstraction of virtualization succeed where SOA did not? My first read through a post on the Cloud Front Office led me to scoff disdainfully at the re-emergence of a concept central to a successful SOA implementation: the... Read more
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Is Social Media a Hostile Work Environment?

The blurring of professional and personal lives in social media and the rush of organizations to “join in” may create just that. Almost every modern organization has behavioral policies known as “zero-tolerance” these days. These policies are... Read more
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Automating scalability and high availability services

There are a lot of SOA governance solutions out there that fall into two distinct categories of purpose: one is to catalog services and associated security policies and the other is to provide run-time management for services, including... Read more
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Reliability does not come from SOA Governance

An interesting InformationWeek article asks whether SOA intermediaries such as "enterprise service bus, design-time governance, runtime management, and XML security gateways" are required for an effective SOA. It further posits that SOA... Read more
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The Wisdom of the Ancients

It was Socrates who first forwarded the notion of "everything in moderation", which happened to be inscribed over the entrance of the temple of Apollo at Delphi along with the maxim "Know thyself." Though we often utter these... Read more
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SOA Governance: Process not Product

Did you ever notice that "governance" and "compliance" have the same nearly ominous tone to them? It's as if they should be preceded by some dark music normally associated with a Vincent Price movie. The two are also... Read more
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