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DDoS attacks are increasing in scale and complexity, threatening to overwhelm the internal resources of businesses around the world. The F5® Silverline® Security Operations Center (SOC) recently saw a new distributed... Read more
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Managing Horizon Traffic across Multiple Data Centers with BIG-IP DNS

VMware Horizon virtual desktop clients typically use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) when accessing desktop and application resources. More and more customers are distributing their Horizon application and desktop infrastucture to distribute... Read more
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How the cloud can improve your security solutions?

The advantage of being in this industry for a while is that you get to see first hand how things change. Mostly for the better, and usually quite quickly, too. Some of these changes have a knock-on effect on other parts of the industry. One... Read more
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How is SDN disrupting the way businesses develop technology?

While many businesses acknowledge that the benefits of SDN are too big to ignore, there are challenges to overcome, particularly with the cultural changes that it brings. Read more
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Load Balancing VMware's Workspace Portal/Identity Manager with F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

You can find the updated load balancing guide for VMware Workspace Portal/Identity Manager here. Stay tuned for a future post on how to securely access Workspace Portal/Identity Manager using BIG-IP, which will include secure proxy access... Read more
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Getting Around the Logon/Legal Banner Issues when using APM PCoIP Proxy and Horizon

If you're using APM's PCoIP Proxy and require a logon banner, you've probably figured out that the PCoIP Proxy integration stops working when you turn on the integrated logon banner from within the Horizon Administrator. Adding to the... Read more
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On Cloud Nine: Lucky 7 questions you have about Singapore’s journey to becoming a Smart Nation

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) wants to make Singapore the world’s first Smart Nation, and this vision means connecting devices, things and people to provide better quality of life in an era of mobility, urban density, aging population... Read more
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The Inside Scoop on VMworld 2015...

It's that time of year again for VMworld in San Franciso! This year, F5 and VMware are partnering on a few fronts to show the strength and capabilities of our partnership. First, check out the F5 and VMware Hands-on-Lab for End User... Read more
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Deliver Resiliency and Scalability with Dell vWorkspace and F5's Local Traffic Manager

Recently, there's been some "buzz" around how to configure Dell vWorkspace components behind BIG-IP's Local Traffic Manager. A few months back, I had the opportunity to work with Stephen Yorke from the Dell vWorkspace team to put... Read more
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HOT OFF THE PRESSES – VMware and F5 Hands-On-Lab Now Available!

VMware and F5 are proud to announce the availability of one of the first partner-centric labs utilizing VMware’s global Hands-On-Lab infrastructure. In close collaboration with the VMware End User Computing Technical Enablement team, the VMware... Read more
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So, you want to use RSA SecurID with APM’s PCoIP Proxy Module…

Customers who leverage Access Policy Manager (APM) for remote access to VMware Horizon 6 (formerly known as VMware View) typically have some level of two-factor authentication (2FA) as an added layer of authentication. It’s especially important... Read more
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Please find the English language post from which this was adapted here. 印度總理莫迪(Narendra Modi)上任時,政府即訂下明確的優先目標,其通訊部長表示:「如果瓦巴依(Atal Bihari... Read more
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2015년도 IT 업계의 새로운 물결 : 소비자 인식의 증대, 공공서비스의 디지털화 및 클라우드에 대한 인식의 변화

Please find the English language post from which this was adapted here. IT 업계 종사자들 대부분이 그렇듯이 나 역시 신기술을 사랑한다. 또한 이런 기술들이 많은 사람들을 위해 기회를 창출하고, 인류의 지식을 발전시키며, 사람과 사람을 연결시켜주는 것과 같이 사실상 우리 삶의 모든 면을 바꾸어 나가는 것을 좋아한다. 작년 한 해 동안만 하더라도 새로운 기술이라고 인식되던 웨어러블... Read more
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Billionaires, Icons and Movie Stars – Why Geek Is Now Chic

Over the past few years we’ve seen the unstoppable rise of the geek. From popular culture to big business, the geeks have inherited the earth. They’re the billionaires, the modern day rock stars, and their many achievements have resulted in a... Read more
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F5 2015 網路世界預測之三 : 雲端並非生而平等

Adapted from What’s new in 2015: consumer hyperawareness, public services going digital, and a shift in the way we view clouds. 雲端重心從促進採納轉向優化   這幾年來,IT產業積極將他們的技術轉移到雲端 - 取代或者複製既有的實體資料中心到雲端。然而,大家對於效率方面並沒有多大的重視,導致一些企業的營運成本甚至超過他們試圖免除的投資成本。 ... Read more
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F5 2015 網路世界預測之二 : 公眾服務轉捩點

Adapted from What’s new in 2015: consumer hyperawareness, public services going digital, and a shift in the way we view clouds. 公眾隱私門檻的降低,促成更完整的線上量身定製服務   人們似乎對於提供過多資訊給政府感到遲疑,然而社交網路的爆炸性成長已讓人們對於分享多樣化的個人資訊感到較為自在。 ... Read more
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F5 2015 網路世界預測之一: 消費者超意識的興起

Adapted from What’s new in 2015: consumer hyperawareness, public services going digital, and a shift in the way we view clouds. ... Read more
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Security is no longer just an IT concern, but is behaviour changing?

If - and it’s a big if - there is a positive to the recent spate of information security headlines, then it could well be that more people will take an interest in the protection of their data and devices. There seems to have been a never ending... Read more
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US FEDERAL: Enabling Kerberos for Smartcard Authentication to Apache.

The following provides guidance on the configuration of BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and Access Policy Manager in support of Apache Web Server Smartcard / Kerberos access using Active Directory as the Key Distribution Center.  This content is... Read more
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F5 Predicts: A right to life, liberty and… broadband

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office, his government made its priorities clear: ““If Atal Bihari Vajpayee government was known for national highways, Narendra Modi government will be known for broadband highway,” his Communications... Read more
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F5 Networks: Di tahun 2015, ‘Consumer Hyperawareness’ Akan Menjadi Kunci Sukses IT Di Berbagai Perusahaan dan Layanan Publik Akan Beralih Ke Digital

Pada tahun 2014 ini telah terjadi banyak hal menarik yang terjadi di dunia, khususnya dari sisi IT. Contohnya, kita telah melihat beberapa transisi dari suatu hal yang baru menjadi hal yang mainstream; seperti contoh big data yang awalnya masih... Read more
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Great news!  We have finally been posted to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Unified Capability (UC) Approved Product List (APL), as an IA Tool.  The certification covers all F5 BIG-IP platforms (VE through Viprion) running... Read more
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Giving security more context

It’s that time of year again. As we head towards Christmas our minds drift towards what we’re going to be buying for our loved ones. This time of year is traditionally a big one for sales of gadgets: mobile phones, PCs, laptops and, more recently,... Read more
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What’s new in 2015: consumer hyperawareness, public services going digital, and a shift in the way we view clouds

Like all of us here at F5, I love technology and how it shapes virtually every aspect of the world today – creating opportunities, advancing knowledge, and connecting people. In 2014 alone, we’ve seen wearables transition from novelty to... Read more
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