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Green IT – Sie erinnern sich noch daran?

Eine große Initiative unserer IT-Welt – Green IT. Unter Green IT versteht man Bestrebungen, die Nutzung von Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie über deren gesamten Lebenszyklus hinweg umwelt- und ressourcenschonend zu gestalten.... Read more
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3 Really good reasons you should use TCP multiplexing

AJAX. SOA. Social network API integration. What is TCP Multiplexing? All of aforementioned technologies have one thing in common. Okay, they have more than that in common,  but for the purposes of this discussion... Read more
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Saving the world, one server at a time

Green IT is a fairly well hyped topic at the moment. While the term may be seen as hype, there are tangible benefits to employing green tactics within IT. Even research firm Gartner sees it as one of the hyped technologies organizations can use... Read more
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Green IT: 404 Blacklisting

One of the premises of a greener IT is to reduce the number of servers necessary while maintaining performance levels and meeting capacity needs. Chances are that many of the HTTP requests received that result in a 404 (not found) message are... Read more
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Green IT: More is Less

One of the primary tenets of environmentalism is that we ought to minimize waste. When we apply these concepts to "green" computing initiatives, we often translate that to mean we need to waste fewer resources - RAM, CPU, and storage. ... Read more
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Green IT: You don't have to sacrifice speed

The Green Tech Blog on CNET News postulates that the next green trend will be to s l o w down the innertubes, or more accurately, the flow of data. Now that slow down is apparently measured in terms of milliseconds, and is "not enough for Web... Read more
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OS Virtualization: Diminishing Returns are Still Returns

a.k.a The morning Lori was wrong I got an e-mail newsletter yesterday with a link to BEA's Virtualization TCO calculator. As my team is engaged in a lively debate regarding virtualization and its alleged benefits (you can tell which side... Read more
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Green IT: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There's more than one way to go green with application delivery networks The past few months have seen a high volume in the number of "green" products announced, many of them in the application delivery realm. Almost universally... Read more
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