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Cloud is not Rocket Science but it is Computer Science

That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard - it means it’s a different kind of hard.   For many folks in IT it is likely you might find in their home a wall on which you can find hanging a diploma. It might be a BA, it might be a BS, and you... Read more
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The Corollary to Hoff’s Law

“Security” concerns continue to top every cloud computing related survey. This could be because, well, CIOs and organizations in general are concerned about security. It could be because the broader question of control over the infrastructure –... Read more
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Twas Two Weeks Past (Cloud) Deployment

Here comes St. Beaker and Santa Cloud … Twas two weeks past deployment and all through the house Echoed taps on a keyboard and clicks from a mouse The apps were all running inside VMware In hopes compute resources soon would they... Read more
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How to secure virtualized applications against the unknown

Risks with virtualization is same as it ever was but different Hoff makes a good point about cloud security last month in his “The Cloud is a Fickle Mistress: DDoS&M” which was, if I may quote, “it’s the oldies and goodies that will come back... Read more
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More on the Meta-data Menagerie

Rich Miller, in response to some questions I maintain on meta-data ownership and interoperability with regards to the CCIF's efforts in defining a cloud interoperability specification, had some questions of his own: The part I'm... Read more
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What's good for the network is not always good for applications

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I'm going to start this one by quoting Hoff who was quoting Andreas Antonopoulos of Nemertes Research Group who was paraphrasing a concept put forth by Doug Gourlay. From Rational... Read more
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