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F5 Friday: BIG DDoS Umbrella powered by the HP VAN SDN Controller

#SDN #DDoS #infosec Integration and collaboration is the secret sauce to breaking down barriers between security and networking  Most of the focus of SDN apps has been, to date, on taking layer 4-7 services and making them into extensions... Read more
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IT Chaos Theory: The PeopleSoft Effect

#cloud #devops A robust integration ecosystem is critical to prevent the PeopleSoft effect within the network In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a... Read more
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Interop 2012 - F5 & HP Partnership with Jeff Stathatos

I meet up with Jeff Stathatos, F5 Solution Architect, about the expansion of the HP partnership.  HP Networking's Virtual Application Network (VAN) is front and center. ";" alt="" />   ps Related ... Read more
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F5 Friday: HP Cloud Maps Help Navigate Server Flexing with BIG-IP

The economy of scale realized in enterprise cloud computing deployments is as much (if not more) about process as it is products. HP Cloud Maps simplify the former by automating the latter. When the notion of “private” or “enterprise” cloud... Read more
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Standardized Cloud APIs? Yes.

Mike Fratto over at Network Computinghas a blog that declares the need for standards in Cloud Management APIs is non-existent or at least premature. Now Mike is a smart guy and has enough experience to have a clue what he’s writing about, unlik... Read more
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Store Storing Stored? Or Blocked?

Now that Lori has her new HP TouchSmart for an upcoming holiday gift, we are finally digitizing our DVD collection. You would think that since our tastes are somewhat similar, we’d be good to go with a relatively  small number of DVDs… We’re... Read more
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A Storage (Capacity) Optimization Buying Spree!

Remember when Beanie Babies were free in Happy Meals, and tons of people ran out to buy the Happy Meals but only really wanted the Beanie Babies? Yeah, that’s what the storage compression/dedupe market is  starting to look like these days.... Read more
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Dell Buys Ocarina Networks. Dedupe For All?

Storage at rest de-duplication has been a growing point of interest for most IT staffs over the last year or so, just because de-duplication allows you to purchase less hardware over time, and if that hardware is a big old storage array sucking a... Read more
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Get out your dice! It’s time for a game of Datacenters & Dragons

It’s the all new revised fifth edition of the popular real-life fantasy game we call Datacenters and Dragons DM (Datacenter Manager): “Through the increasingly cloudy windows of the datacenter you see empty racks and abandoned servers where... Read more
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F5 Friday: Playing in the Infrastructure Orchestra(tion)

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there have been quite a few posts on the topic of automation, orchestration, and infrastructure 2.0. Aside from the fact that an integrated, collaborative infrastructure is necessary to achieve many of the operation... Read more
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Why IT Needs to Take Control of Public Cloud Computing

IT organizations that fail to provide guidance for and governance over public cloud computing usage will be unhappy with the results… While it is highly unlikely that business users will “control their own destiny” by provisioning servers in... Read more
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Our data is so deduped that no two bits are alike!

Related Articles and Blogs Dedupe Ratios Do Matter (NWC) Ask Dr Dedupe: NetApp Deduplication Crosses the Exabyte Mark (NetApp) Dipesh on Dedupe: Deduplication Boost or Bust? (CommVau... Read more
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Pursuit of Intercloud is Practical not Premature

Kicking of the new year (and a new decade) with a lively debate on a technological concept that is barely out of its infancy is always a good thing. Fred Cummins over at HP recently penned “Pursuit of the Intercloud is Premature” and caught the... Read more
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Next-Generation Management of Data Centers Should be Modeled on Social Networking

Should the next generation management of network and application network devices look and act more like Facebook and Twitter? Infrastructure 2.0 could take us there. Y ou may think I’m kidding and certainly I make this proposal with some amount... Read more
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The Revolution Continues: Let Them Eat Cloud

The consensus seems to be, at least from the myriad surveys, studies, and research, that cloud as a model is the right answer, it’s just the location that’s problematic for most organizations. Organizations aren’t ignoring reality; they k... Read more
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The View from the Other Side of Interop

Everyone who is involved in networking, application networking, cloud computing, and virtualization knows about and is probably planning some kind of presence at Interop. It is “the” event for a variety of inter-related industries, all revolv... Read more
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Cloud Changes Everything

Cloud computing and virtualization promises to revolutionize the architectural principles of the data center. Shared resources enable efficiency, but ultimately the dynamism required to achieve such gains in efficiency will cause chaos in a... Read more
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The days of IP-based management are numbered

The focus of cloud and virtualization discussions today revolve primarily around hypervisors, virtual machines, automation, network and application network infrastructure; on the dynamic infrastructure necessary to enable a truly dynamic data... Read more
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Making Infrastructure 2.0 reality may require new standards

Managing a heterogeneous infrastructure is difficult enough, but managing a dynamic, ever changing heterogeneous infrastructure that must be stable enough to deliver dynamic applications makes the former look like a walk in the park. Part of the... Read more
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