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Selective Compression on BIG-IP

BIG-IP provides Local Traffic Policies that simplify the way in which you can manage traffic associated with a virtual server. You can associate a BIG-IP local traffic policy to support selective compression for types of content that can benefit... Read more
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REST API Developers Between a Rock and a Hard Place

A recent blog on EBPML.ORG entitled “REST 2010 - Where are We?” very aggressively stated: “REST is just a "NO WS-*" movement.” The arguments presented are definitely interesting but the most compelling point made is in the way that RES... Read more
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Let Your ENUMs Do the Talking with CSS

When you’re dealing with conditional formatting of objects based on enumerated values you can eliminate conditional assignments by directly mapping your ENUMs to CSS classes. There are many cases where enumerated values are used to describe... Read more
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Why not network-side pre-fetching?

The acceleration technique known as pre-fetching went the way of the do-do bird sometime around 2002. But perhaps it should be resurrected, just in a different place and with a slightly different focus. A SHORT HISTORY OF ACCELERATION... Read more
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The Great Client-Server Architecture Myth

The webification of applications over the years has led to the belief that client-server as an architecture is dying. But very few beliefs about architecture have been further from the truth. The belief that client-server was dying - or at least... Read more
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Why Flash can't win the Web application war

As an application delivery solution provider focused on securing, accelerating, and optimizing web applications, we pay a lot of attention to web application development trends. Languages, environments, and technologies are all of significant... Read more
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HttpFox: The Firefox add-on you can't live without

Whether you're a network architect, a web developer, or a web administrator there's one tool that's a must have in your troubleshooting toolbox: a protocol analyzer. Like many network focused folks, I traditionally rely upon ethereal... Read more
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I Love Jack Daniels!

Truth be told, I'm actually a huge tequila fan, but this was too good not to pass along. One of my co-workers shared with me a beautifully formatted and quite comprehensive Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet.  (I was too busy drooling over... Read more
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HTML Skillz No Longer 1337

Tech Republic blogger Toni Bowers discusses five high-tech skills that are waning as far as ability to command high salaries according to a recent Network World article. At the top of the list? HTML. Denise Dubie writes in the Network World... Read more
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