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Bing Vs Google - A Performance Perspective

Being the total acceleration junkie that I am the first time a new site is launched or recommended to me the first thing I do is take a look at the performance of it.  So when I heard about Bing the first thing I did was fire up HttpWatch and... Read more
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Google Chrome Extension I Want to See

This week Google announced that Chrome is now going to support extensions and plug-ins.  Early design documents and reference materials have been released and I'm looking forward to seeing what gets developed.  I downloaded and... Read more
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IE8 By the Numbers

The browser wars don't interest me that much.  Personally, I want my browser to a) present my content in a pleasing intended way and b) not crash.  All the rest is gravy.  That said, I use both IE and Firefox, the former as it... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - M is for Mozilla

Thanks to my colleague Sam for helping me come up with an M word.  I was going to talk about multiplexing but Lori beat me to it.  So instead of multiplexing m is for Mozilla.  Probably one of the most popular Mozilla projects is... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - J is for JavaScript

JavaScript has been a fixture in web applications for many years now and it can have a serious impact in the performance of a web page.  First off JavaScript (js) is just text so these files can benefit significantly from compression. ... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - H is for HttpWatch and HttpFox

HttpWatch and HttpFox are plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox that provide detailed analysis of the HTTP requests and responses.  HttpWatch 6.0 works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox while HttpFox is strictly for Firefox. ... Read more
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HttpFox: The Firefox add-on you can't live without

Whether you're a network architect, a web developer, or a web administrator there's one tool that's a must have in your troubleshooting toolbox: a protocol analyzer. Like many network focused folks, I traditionally rely upon ethereal... Read more
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