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Interop 2014: The Blooper Reel

All the outtakes, mistakes and behind the scenes during our Interop 2014 video shoot. Always fun. Enjoy! ps Related Interop 2014: Find F5 Pop Up Edition Interop 2014: F5 in the NOC (feat Bocchino & Wojcik) Interop 2014: F5 Synthesis... Read more
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RSA 2014: The Video Outtakes

Crazy that this is the 20th installment of the Outtakes. We shot 10 videos this week and often, it did not go as planned. Here are our mistakes, flubs and fun.     ps Related RSA 2014: Find F5 RSA 2014: Anti-Fraud Solution (feat... Read more
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VMware PEX 2014: The Video Outtakes

Everyone loves bloopers so here are your Valentine's Friday Funnies of the video bloopers, flubs and fun from the VMware Partner Exchange 2014. The last one is the best. ps Related VMware PEX 2014: Find F5 VMware PEX 2014: F5 VMware... Read more
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GartnerDC 2013: The Video Outtakes

You've seen the videos Gartner Data Center 2013: Find F5 GartnerDC 2013: DDoS Reference Architecture GartnerDC 2013: Application Services Reference Architecture GartnerDC 2013: Intelligent DNS Scale Reference Architecture GartnerDC... Read more
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Bring Your Own A-Z

The #BYO craze has taken the world by storm and now infiltrates every sector of out lives.  Here is a partial list, in alpha-order, of various bring your owns. BYO Apple: For the teacher in your life, the princess you'd like to put to... Read more
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RSA2013 & Pulse2013 - The Video Outtakes

Like the special features of a DVD, all the mistakes, flubs and bloopers from the RSA & Pulse Conferences. It happens to the best of us. LimelightPlayerUtil.initEmbed('limelight_player_220466');   ps In case you missed any of the... Read more
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Novell Shoots at the Cloud and Scores

It’s been described on Twitter as “reading like a Greek tragedy” but then again, Novell’s interpretive reading of one of Hoff’s cloud security posts was describe in similar terms, so at least I’m in good company. Novell deserves kudos for this... Read more
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Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted to Cloud

Because it’s Friday and sometimes you just have to get it out of your head. Your app is slow, demand has grownthe hardware is not your ownyour heart sweats, your body shakesanother clone is all it takesCompute is cheap, it can’t be beatthere was... Read more
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While I am AFK…

With any luck I am already AFK for a visit with Don’s mother and his family for Thanksgiving. And I’m really (really, I swear) going to be AFK (away from keyboard) for the entire time. Really. I’m serious this time, stop looking at me like that.... Read more
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The InfoSec Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray that safe my apps will keep If hacked they be before I wake I pray it was a (DEV || OPS) mistake Read more
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The Sam IM

Continuing the Friday Funny series (some missed that when I didn’t disclaim it last week, so “Fridays are the days I think I’m funny”). Thursday was an insane day, starting with my laptop having VPN issues, and ending with after-hours work cal... Read more
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