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All I want for Christmas is a hybrid cloud

**********   Dear Santa,   I hope you and the reindeers are as excited as I am about Christmas! Make sure you get plenty of rest between now and then, so you can deliver all those lovely presents all over the world on... Read more
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Bringing Consistency to Hybrid Cloud

The term Hybrid Cloud is at the same stage that ‘Cloud’ was a few years ago: Used everywhere but generally misrepresented. What most people have is basically a mix of on-premises, cloud based and SaaS applications, often with only limited... Read more
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Cloud bursting, the hybrid cloud, and why cloud-agnostic load balancers matter

Cloud Bursting and Hybrid Cloud When researching cloud bursting, there are many directions Google may take you. Perhaps you come across services for airplanes that attempt to turn cloudy wedding days into memorable events. Perhaps you'd... Read more
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Don’t believe a word I say about Cloud – listen to my customer!

Everbridge is a critical communications platform provider - that’s what it says on their website. What their website won’t tell you is that the Everbridge IT team are a collective of experts when it comes to consuming cloud-based services, and... Read more
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Highly Available Hybrid

Achieving the ultimate ‘Five Nines’ of web site availability (around 5 minutes of downtime a year) has been a goal of many organizations since the beginning of the internet era. There are several ways to accomplish this but essentially a few... Read more
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The Dynamic Data Center: Cloud's Overlooked Little Brother

It may be heresy, but not every organization needs or desires all the benefits of cloud.  There are multiple trends putting pressure on IT today to radically change the way they operate. From SDN to cloud, market pressure on... Read more
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All Your Packets Are Belong to … You?

Yes, even the ones over there, in that there cloud, can be yours. No one argues that networks have not exploded in terms of speeds and feeds in the past decade. What with more consumers (and cows), more companies going “online”, and more content... Read more
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F5 Friday: Avoiding the Operational Debt of Cloud

#F5CLP F5 Cloud Licensing Program enables #cloud providers to differentiate and accelerate advanced infrastructure service offerings while reducing operational debt for the enterprise If you ask three different people why they are adopting... Read more
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Cloud Bursting: Gateway Drug for Hybrid Cloud

The first hit’s cheap kid … Recently Ben Kepes  started a very interesting discussion on cloud bursting by asking whether or not it was real. This led to Christofer Hoff  pointing out that “true” cloud bursting required routing based... Read more
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The Conspecific Hybrid Cloud

Operational consistency and control continue to be a driving force in hybrid cloud architectures When you’re looking to add new tank mates to an existing aquarium ecosystem, one of the concerns you must have is whether a particular breed of... Read more
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“Lights Out” in the Cloud

Options begin to emerge to address a real management issue with virtualized workloads in public cloud computing . Anyone familiar with enterprise-class infrastructure and servers knows that lights-out management is a must-have; not just in the... Read more
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F5 Friday: Rackspace CloudConnect - Hybrid Architecture in Action

Rackspace steps up to the plate with a new hybrid architectural solution. Earlier this year we talked about the “other” hybrid architecture; the one that lives out there, in the cloud, but that combines two different deployment models:... Read more
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The Inevitable Eventual Consistency of Cloud Computing

An IDC survey highlights the reasons why private clouds will mature before public, leading to the eventual consistency of public and private cloud computing frameworks Network Computing recently reported on a very interesting research survey... Read more
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The Three Reasons Hybrid Clouds Will Dominate

In the short term, hybrid cloud is going to be the cloud computing model of choice. Amidst all the disconnect at CloudConnect regarding standards and where “cloud” is going was an undercurrent of adoption of what most have come to refer to as a... Read more
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