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F5 Friday: Applications aren't protocols. They're Opportunities.

Applications are as integral to F5 technologies as they are to your business. An old adage holds that an individual can be judged by the company he keeps. If that holds true for organizations, then F5 would do well to be judged by the vast array... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012: Secure Remote Access & SSO with BIG-IP APM

I catch Greg Coward, F5 Solution Engineer, to show how to configure BIG-IP APM to provide Secure Remote Access and SSO to #SharePoint. Yesterday we configured SharePoint with a F5 iApp and today we’re adding secure remote access to the deployment.... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012: Configuring SharePoint on BIG-IP

I meet with Greg Coward, F5 Solution Engineer, to show us a demo of how easy it is to deploy #SharePoint on BIG-IP with the F5 iApp. #spc12" __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) "")); }" dogetcurrentmedia="function ()... Read more
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To Err is Human

#devops Automating incomplete or ineffective processes will only enable you to make mistakes faster – and more often. Most folks probably remember the play on "to err is human…" proverb when computers first began to take over, well,... Read more
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It is All About Repeatability and Consistency.

#f5 it is often more risky to skip upgrading than to upgrade. Know the risk/benefits of both. Not that I need to tell you, but there are several things in your network that you could have better control of. Whether it is consistent application of... Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld 2012: BIG-IP Solutions for Oracle Enterprise Manager

I hang with one of my most frequent and favorite guests, F5 Business Development Solution Architect, Chris Akker. Akker takes us through how to deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c on a BIG-IP using an F5 iApp along with explaining how BIG-IP GTM... Read more
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F5 ... Wednesday: Bye Bye Branch Office Blues

#virtualization #VDI Unifying desktop management across multiple branch offices is good for performance – and operational sanity. When you walk into your local bank, or local retail outlet, or one of the Starbucks in Chicago O'Hare,... Read more
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MEC 2012 – Configuring Exchange on BIG-IP

I get Sr. Product Management Engineer Dayne Miller to show just how easy and quick it is to configure and deploy Exchange on a BIG-IP with an F5's iApp. A live demo with a little variation on the In 5 Minutes or Less series." ... Read more
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MEC 2012 – F5 and Microsoft

I catch up with Jeff Bellamy, F5 Director of Business Development, to talk about the F5 – Microsoft relationship, where Exchange ranks with all the different applications BIG-IP helps deliver and just how easy it is to deploy Exchange with... Read more
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In the Cloud, It's the Little Things That Get You. Here are nine of them.

#F5 Eight things you need to consider very carefully when moving apps to the cloud. Moving to a model that utilizes the cloud is a huge proposition. You can throw some applications out there without looking back – if they have no ties to the... Read more
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F5 Friday: Automating Operations with F5 and VMware

#cloud #virtualization #vmworld #devops Integrating F5 and VMware with the vCloud Ecosystem Framework to achieve automated operations A third of IT professionals, when asked about the status of their IT cross-collaboration efforts1 (you know,... Read more
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Random Acts of Optimization.

When I first embarked on my application development career, I was a code optimization junky. Really, making things faster, more efficient, the tightest it could get was a big deal to me. That routine you wrote to solve a one-off problem often... Read more
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On the Trading Floor and in the QA Lab

#fsi problems are very public, but provide warning messages for all enterprises. The recent troubles in High Frequency Trading (HFT) involving problems on the NASDAQ over the debut of Facebook, the Knight Trading $400 Million USD loss among... Read more
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In 5 Minutes or Less - Enterprise Manager v3.0

In my 21st In 5 Video, I show you some of the new features available in Enterprise Manager v3.0, in 5 Minutes or Less.  We cover the Centralized Analytics Module, iHealth integration and Multi-device configuration comparison. As a follow-up... Read more
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F5 Friday: Programmability and Infrastructure as Code

#SDN #ADN #cloud #devops What does that mean, anyway? SDN and devops share some common themes. Both focus heavily on the notion of programmability in network devices as a means to achieve specific goals. For SDN it’s flexibility and rapid... Read more
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F5 Friday: ADN = SDN at Layer 4-7

The benefits of #SDN have long been realized from #ADN architectures   There are, according to ONF, three core characteristics of SDN: “In the SDN architecture, the control and data planes are decoupled, network intelligence and state... Read more
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FedRAMP Ramps Up

Tomorrow June 6th, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, the government’s cloud security assessment plan known as FedRAMP will begin accepting security certification applications from companies that provide software services and... Read more
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IT Chaos Theory: The PeopleSoft Effect

#cloud #devops A robust integration ecosystem is critical to prevent the PeopleSoft effect within the network In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 04/14/2012

Given the time and my unabashed geekery for all things comic related, especially Batman-esque, I feel the burning need to make some sort of "Dark Knight" joke here, but I'll refrain. That kind of thing would drive readers batty, and... Read more
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F5 Friday: Workload Optimization with F5 and IBM PureSystems

#IBMPureSystems #devops #cloud Optimizing and assuring availability of applications is critical to the success of any application architecture This week IBM announced its next-generation platform, IBM PureSystems. IBM PureSystems comprise a fully... Read more
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F5 Friday: Addressing the Unintended Consequences of Cloud

Operationally unified architectures able to leverage cloud computing without compromising on control and security are key to mitigating unintended consequences of cloud The adoption of cloud computing introduces operational challenges that... Read more
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Pulse2012 - BIG-IP SSL Offload

I meet again with F5 Solution Engineer Nojan Moshiri to talk about SSL Offload, it's benefits to Maximo and how easy it is to configure on the BIG-IP.  SSL Offload in 3 Easy Steps. ";" alt="" />Pulse2012 - BIG-IP... Read more
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Support for NIST 800-53?

#f5friday There’s an iApp for that! NIST publication 800-53 is a standard defined to help government agencies (and increasingly enterprises) rein in sprawling security requirements while maintaining a solid grip on the lockdown lever. It... Read more
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F5 Friday: Doing VDI, Only Better

#F5 does #VDI, and it does it better. There are three core vendors and protocols supporting VDI today. Microsoft with RDP, Citrix with ICA, and VMware with PCoIP. For most organizations a single vendor approach has been necessary, primarily... Read more
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Advanced Load Balancing For Developers. The Network Dev Tool

It has been a while since I wrote an installment of Load Balancing for Developers, and now I think it has been too long, but never fear, this is the grad-daddy of Load Balancing for Developers blogs, covering a useful bit of information about... Read more
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