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DevCentral Top5 04/14/2012

Given the time and my unabashed geekery for all things comic related, especially Batman-esque, I feel the burning need to make some sort of "Dark Knight" joke here, but I'll refrain. That kind of thing would drive readers batty, and... Read more
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The List: iControl Languages, Libraries, and IDEs

Back in 2001 (wow – seems like yesterday!), F5 introduced the first-ever, open/Web services API for network devices called iControl. With it, it sparked a major shift in the way companies could look at integrating network devices with... Read more
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64-bit numbers in perl

A question recently came up in the iControl forums about how to deal with the statistics returned by our iControl interfaces. In 9.0, we changed the interfaces to return true 64-bit values consisting of a structure of a low and high 32-bit valu... Read more
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