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Moving Target

I moved recently. Not too far away nor to a different state, just the other side of town. It is simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. Most people in the U.S. moving during the summer. Kids are out of school, the weather is mostly nice... Read more
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So Where Do We Go From Here?

If you are who you say you are. I've been travelling the last few weeks shooting some videos for VMware PEX and RSA. When that happens, my browser tabs get crowded with the various stories I'm interested in but will read later. This time... Read more
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Bait Phone

You may be familiar with the truTV program Bait Car, where the police place a vehicle equipped with hidden cameras and radio trackers in various areas to catch a would be car thief in the act.  It’s kinda fun to watch people ‘check out’ the... Read more
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5 Stages of a Data Breach

One thing I’ve noticed over the last couple years is that there are 5 Stages of a Data Breach: Denial: We do not believe these attacks breached our critical servers. Anger: We want to make it clear that we take security seriously! Bargaining:... Read more
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Security’s Rough Ride

1 if by land, 2 of by sea, 0 if by IPI know I’ve said this before but it sure seems like almost daily there is a security breach somewhere.  Over the years, the thought process has changed from prevent all attacks to, it is inevitable that we... Read more
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Our Identity Crisis

As as kid, my mom would constantly remind me that I was a Hawaiian Prince – a direct descendant of King Kamehameha’s grandparents and the Kekaulike (23rd Moi of Maui) line.  I was born in Hawaii but grew up on the East Coast so as a kid, I... Read more
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Unplug Everything!

Just kidding…partially.  Have you seen the latest 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report?  It is chock full of data about breaches, vulnerabilities, industry demographics, threats and all the other internet security terms that... Read more
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3 Billion Malware Attacks and Counting

Almost half the total population of this planet.  At this rate, we’ll all have our own personalized malware in the coming years, specifically tailored for our various behaviors.  I built this infection especially for you.  Symantec... Read more
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A Digital Poltergeist On Your Television

I love starting blogs with, ‘Remember when…’ and this is no different.  Remember when, we used to receive our television programming over the air via an antenna?  Many still do but the days of seeing a huge pointy metal object perched on... Read more
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Identity Theft: Good News-Bad News Edition

So which would you like first?  Javelin Strategy & Research said identity theft incidents were down 28% in 2010 (vs. 2009) according to their latest consumer survey.  This is the lowest level since 2007 and about 3 million less... Read more
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The New Wallet: Is it Dumb to Carry a Smartphone?

When I was a teenager, I used to have one of those cool nylon surfer wallets with the Velcro close, you remember those don’t ya?  While pumping diesel (had a VW Rabbit) one day at an old Gulf station, I left the wallet on top of the car and... Read more
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e-card Malware

I’ve gotten some e-cards this holiday season from organizations that I know, and you might even receive one from F5.  I just wanted to post a short reminder to be careful of these, especially if you get one from someone you don’t know. ... Read more
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2010 Year End Security Wrap

Figured I’d write this now since many of you will be celebrating the holidays over the next couple weeks and who really wants to read a blog when you’re reveling with family and friends.  It’s been an interesting year for information... Read more
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Identity Theft Roundup

I’m on a ID fraud kick lately and there are quite a few stories of late about identity theft.  Here are just a few:House Approves Red Flags Exemptions – In January 2008, the Red Flag Rule went into existence which said that organizations... Read more
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Synthetic Identity Theft: The Silent Swindler

As a brief follow up to yesterday’s Got a SSN I Can Borrow, I came across this story from The Red Tape Chronicles saying the odds that someone else has used your Social Security Number is One in 7.  ID Analytics, a data collection and... Read more
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