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Identity Theft: Not So Scary Anymore?

This article originally appeared on F5.com on 10.20.15. With Halloween in our rearview mirror and the holiday shopping season upon us, a couple surveys are out examining our fears and in particular, our concerns about identity theft. Apparently,... Read more
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Moving Target

I moved recently. Not too far away nor to a different state, just the other side of town. It is simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. Most people in the U.S. moving during the summer. Kids are out of school, the weather is mostly nice... Read more
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Malware costs $491 Billion in Perspective

A recent joint study from IDC and the National University of Singapore (NUS) predicts that companies around the globe will spend around $491 billion in 2014 for fixes and recovery from data breaches and malware. The sponsor, Microsoft, also noted... Read more
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So Where Do We Go From Here?

If you are who you say you are. I've been travelling the last few weeks shooting some videos for VMware PEX and RSA. When that happens, my browser tabs get crowded with the various stories I'm interested in but will read later. This time... Read more
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OK 2014, Now What

So I've been staring at this blinking cursor for the last 5 minutes wondering what story to tell.  'Once upon a time, there was a....'  No that won't work.  'It was a dark and dreary night as our protagonist... Read more
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Identity Theft Hits Close to Home

While certainly not the likes of having SWAT show up at my house like Krebs or even Honan's fiasco, we've had some ID theft attempts occurring for the past few months...actually my wife has. It all started innocently enough at a... Read more
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World's Biggest Data Breaches [Infographic]

Cool and disturbing at the same time.  A fully interactive version can be found here where you can click each circle to get more information.   I thought about adding all the numbers but stopped at 140,621,000 between 2012 and... Read more
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Personal Data For Sale – In time for the Holidays!

Come one, come all!  Are you tired of using your own money for those big holiday purchases?  Are you wary of entering your own personal & financial information to get that special gift?  Would you rather spend a stress-free... Read more
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Attacking Social Security Numbers (SSN): Social Engineering via Social Networking

I’m taking a break from virtualization to spend a few minutes with my roots: security. You know what they say: you can take the boy out of security but can’t take security out of the paranoid, tin-foil hat wearing, walls painted with wifi-blocking... Read more
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The Gluten-free Application Network

If you haven’t got your (applications’) health, then you haven’t got anything If you happen to be unlucky enough to suffer from Celiac disease - gluten intolerance (wheat, barley, oats, rye) - then you know how important it is to keep gluten out... Read more
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Elvis is alive! He just logged into Facebook, or did he?

The case of Laura Dean has been treated as a “wake up call” to the millions of users of social networking sites. At first glance it appears there is nothing that Facebook (or any other social media site) could have done to prevent the theft and... Read more
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Is OpenID too open?

One password to fool them all One password to find them One password to steal them all and in the ether become them [with many apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien] For y... Read more
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