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Deploying BIG-IP with Tivoli Security Access Manager’s WebSeal Proxy

Availability, it always comes back to this doesn’t it?  Sometimes a solution is so straightforward that I wonder if it deserves to be documented, but then I get a lot of phone calls and emails and my arm is twisted into publishing the... Read more
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Informa recently reported that the number of messages sent using free chat apps like 'WhatsApp' has overtaken the number of traditional paid-for SMS messages sent. The BBC revealed that according to Ovum, more than £15bn of SMS... Read more
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The State of Code Integration?

Don’t forget: Integration is not free. #Android #Dev #F5 Many things are intended to work together, but require specific knowledge to get the outcome you desire. Automobiles and trailers, for example, require a trailer hitch, and not just any... Read more
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Single-Sign-On mit Kerberos Constrained Delegation, Teil 2 - Debugging

Hallo liebe Leser, in meinem letzten Beitrag bin ich auf die Kerberos Constrained Delegation Konfiguration eingegangen und hatte darin bereits versprochen, in diesem Beitrag das Debugging als Thema zu wählen. Dadurch, dass wir... Read more
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Big-IP and ADFS (SCRATCH THAT! Big-IP and SAML) with Office 365 – Part 5

The BIG-IP with APM has now become SAML, (claims) aware! “SAML” not “self-aware”. No need to start worrying about Skynet and Arnold Schwarzenegger kicking in your door, (except for you Sarah Connor). This is a good thing! If you need to federate... Read more
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Pulse2013 – BIG-IP ASM & IBM InfoSphere Guardium

I meet with F5 Solution Architect Nojan Moshiri to learn about the integration between BIG-IP ASM and IBM’s InfoSphere Guardium offering real time data security along with contextual meta data associated with the SQL data. Each enhances the other... Read more
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Single-Sign-On mit Kerberos Constrained Delegation

Hallo liebe Leser, als heutiges Thema möchte ich über ein weiteres Single-Sign-On Verfahren sprechen: Kerberos Constrained Delegation. Was bedeutet das? Nun was hier passiert, ist dass der User sich am Access Policy Manager (APM)... Read more
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TMG2F5 Series: BIG-IP LTM as the Lync Reverse Proxy

Quite a few of our customers who have been using the BIG-IP(s) to provide load balancing of the Lync Edge Servers have also been using the same BIG-IP(s) to act as the Lync Reverse Proxy as well. Now that TMG has been EOS’d, even more customers... Read more
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F5 and IBM announce ASM and InfoSphere Guardium Database security integration

Another month and another set of solutions from the IBM and F5 partnership, this time, some exciting developments in the security and reporting space with F5 Application Security Manager (ASM) and IBM InfoSphere Guardium.  Without furth... Read more
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The State of the LTE Market Today

One of the main success factors of LTE roll out and LTE services is  the quality of an operator’s Diameter signaling solutions. Allow me to explain.  Today, LTE devices, including smart phones, tablets, dongles etc. are generating a... Read more
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Analysten Bericht: The State of Mobile Banking 2012

Durch den rasanten Anstieg der Nutzung von Smartphones und das steigende Angebot an Lösungen von Banken erhält Mobile Banking einen immer größeren Stellenwert. Wenn die Nutzer sich mit dem Thema Mobile Banking vertraut gemacht... Read more
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The Healthcare Mandate: TAP Healthcare Update Week of November 21 2012

Now that the agonizing electoral process has ended and I can get back to watching weather updates from Al Kaprelian on the television without being bombarded by negative political advertisements (look him up, the guy is a hoot). As for me... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012: The Video Outtakes

The #bloopers. mistakes and #outtakes from SharePoint Conference 2012. #spc12 " __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) "")); }" dogetcurrentmedia="function () { return eval(instance.CallFunction("" ... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012 Partner Spotlight – The SCE Group

I chat with Jose Barros, The SCE Group Director of Technology, to learn about their RSA Adaptive Authentication integration with BIG-IP APM.   ps Resources: SharePoint Conference 2012: Find F5 SharePoint Conference 2012: Gimme 90... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012: Secure Remote Access & SSO with BIG-IP APM

I catch Greg Coward, F5 Solution Engineer, to show how to configure BIG-IP APM to provide Secure Remote Access and SSO to #SharePoint. Yesterday we configured SharePoint with a F5 iApp and today we’re adding secure remote access to the deployment.... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012: The Top 7 Questions

Reporting from Las Vegas, I share the Top 7 questions F5 has been asked thus far during the SharePoint Conference 2012. #spc12   ps Resources: SharePoint Conference 2012: Find F5 SharePoint Conference 2012: Gimme 90 Seconds with... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012: Configuring SharePoint on BIG-IP

I meet with Greg Coward, F5 Solution Engineer, to show us a demo of how easy it is to deploy #SharePoint on BIG-IP with the F5 iApp. #spc12" __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) "")); }" dogetcurrentmedia="function ()... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012: Gimme 90 Seconds with James Hendergart

I welcome our returning champ, F5 Sr. Business Development Manager James Hendergart, for another round of 'Gimme 90 Seconds' where contestants have to explain how various BIG-IP solutions solve IT challenges.  James wins the grand... Read more
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SharePoint Conference 2012: Find F5

Even with audio issues, I show you how to find the F5 Booth 916 at the SharePoint Conference 2012 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  #spc12  #f5 #planB" __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) "")); }"... Read more
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MEC 2012 - Load Balancing Exchange Interview with Jaap Wesselius

I sit down with Consultant Jaap Wesselius right after his MEC presentation covering Load Balancing Exchange 2010 to give a synopsis of his session, challenges organizations face when deploying Exchange, his perspective on the TMG EoL announcement... Read more
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MEC 2012 – Configuring Exchange on BIG-IP

I get Sr. Product Management Engineer Dayne Miller to show just how easy and quick it is to configure and deploy Exchange on a BIG-IP with an F5's iApp. A live demo with a little variation on the In 5 Minutes or Less series." ... Read more
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Deploying WebSphere with BIG-IP LTM as the web tier

Managing enterprise web architectures has meant three tier environments for more than a decade.  We deploy our databases, we deploy our web application servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, etc), and we deploy our web tier (Apache, IBM HTTP... Read more
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MEC 2012 - Exchange Migration Service

I interview Colin Hayes, F5 Business Development Manager for Global Services to discuss F5's Exchange Migration Service." __flash__argumentsToXML(arguments,0) "")); }" dogetcurrentmedia="function () { return... Read more
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TMG2F5 Series: Publishing Microsoft Exchange Using F5

Although predicted by some, Microsoft caused quite a stir last week by formally announcing the discontinuation of Forefront Threat Management Gateway. One of the primary use cases of TMG has been to externally publish Microsoft... Read more
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F5 Friday: Enhancing Microsoft Exchange 2013

#Microsoft #Exchange load balancing is just the beginning… Throughout the years, F5 BIG-IP has been a critical component supporting Microsoft Exchange to implement a variety of performance, security, and architectural requirements. During... Read more
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