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It is only a time of change if you make it one.

In the years I’ve known Jonathan Feldman, he’s repeatedly come up with ideas that are profound in the “Huh. That’s obvious now, wonder why I didn’t think of it in those terms” sense of really profound. His most recent blog fits into that category,... Read more
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National Politics and Web 2.0 Usage in the Enterprise

No matter what country you live in, if it is in any way democratic, you have seen the political trend wherein nearly everyone knows the correct solution to a given problem, but hidden agendas, partisanship, and general demagoguery get in the way... Read more
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Call Me Crazy but Application-Awareness Should Be About the Application

I recently read a strategic article about how networks were getting smarter. The deck of this article claimed, “The app-aware network is advancing. Here’s how to plan for a network that’s much more than a dumb channel for data.” So far,... Read more
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Cloud Strategy: Apathy or Architecture?

What’s driving your organizational interest in cloud? Is it apathy or is it architecture? The whole debate surrounding the existence, or non-existence as it were, of “private” clouds seems to revolve around the definition of cloud. Yes, we’re... Read more
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A Multi-Faceted World View

Outside of work I spend some amount of time debating a range of topics with chosen friends over email. This week I'm debating the future of the press with InformationWeek editor Lorna Gary. While we have pretty divergent views about what the... Read more
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