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Cloud bursting, the hybrid cloud, and why cloud-agnostic load balancers matter

Cloud Bursting and Hybrid Cloud When researching cloud bursting, there are many directions Google may take you. Perhaps you come across services for airplanes that attempt to turn cloudy wedding days into memorable events. Perhaps you'd... Read more
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1024 Words: Scale Fail

If you’re scaling applications and not architectures, you’re doing it wrong.   Intercloud: Are You Moving Applications or Architectures?  The Secret to Doing Cloud Scalability Right  At the Intersection of... Read more
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1024 Words: Only Skin Deep

VM interoperability promotes inter-environment portability about as well as a wig would fool anyone into believing these two girls are identical twins. That level of interoperability is like beauty – it’s only skin deep. Image by Darren Kel... Read more
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Intercloud: Are You Moving Applications or Architectures?

The former is easy. The latter? Not so much. In the many, many – really, many – posts I’ve penned regarding cloud computing , and in particular the notion of Intercloud, I’ve struggled to come up with a way to simply articulate the problem... Read more
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The Skeleton in the Global Server Load Balancing Closet

Like urban legends, every few years this one rears its head and makes its rounds. It is certainly true that everyone who has an e-mail address has received some message claiming that something bad is going on, or someone said something they... Read more
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F5 Friday: Seconds Too Late and More Than a Few Bytes Short

Correcting some misperceptions regarding ADCs, virtualization, and the use of Cisco as the definitive yardstick for measuring the ADC market A recent article penned by analyst Jim Metzler asks “Can application delivery controllers support... Read more
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The World Doesn’t Care About APIs

Bottles, birds, and packets: how the message is exchanged is less important than what the message is as long as it gets there. I heard it said the other day, regarding the OpenStack announcement, that “the world does not care ... Read more
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Cloud Balancing, Reverse Cloud Bursting, and Staying PCI-Compliant

One of the concerns with cloud bursting specifically for the use of addressing seasonal scaling needs is that cloud computing environments are not necessarily PCI-friendly. But there may be a solution that allows the application to maintain its... Read more
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Pursuit of Intercloud is Practical not Premature

Kicking of the new year (and a new decade) with a lively debate on a technological concept that is barely out of its infancy is always a good thing. Fred Cummins over at HP recently penned “Pursuit of the Intercloud is Premature” and caught the... Read more
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Silos Belong on Farms Not in Clouds

Beware the danger of building out isolated network and application network infrastructures in the cloud lest we end up with silos from which it is difficult to escape.   While writing a separate post on the business value of public versus... Read more
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Cloud, Standards, and Pants

These three things have a lot more in common than you might think and all three tend to evoke similar levels of frustration. A very real problem women face when shopping is this: no two brands define a size the same. If you usually wear a size 8... Read more
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Location, Location, Location

Mobile devices may still be somewhat awkward in terms of supporting rich, web-based applications but they are leaps and bounds ahead of most infrastructure in their ability to figure out where you are. GeoLocation technologies used to be used by... Read more
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Cloud Balancing, Cloud Bursting, and Intercloud

So once we have the intercloud, what are we going to do with it? Some debate is heating up, at least on Twitter, about a variety of cloud-related topics. As James Urquhart pointed out in his “Three debates that will benefit cloud computing”... Read more
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Getting Around That Pesky Speed of Light Limitation

Can intercloud intelligence eliminate the impact of intercontinental latency? Ken has always posited that it would be not only kewl but highly efficient if your data center could “follow the sun.” We all know that application performance is... Read more
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Governance: Service Catalogs and the Cloud

Can the inherent abstraction of virtualization succeed where SOA did not? My first read through a post on the Cloud Front Office led me to scoff disdainfully at the re-emergence of a concept central to a successful SOA implementation: the... Read more
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Intercloud: The Evolution of Global Application Delivery

The concept of an “intercloud” is floating around the tubes and starting to gather some attention. According to Greg Ness you can “Think of the intercloud as an elastic mesh of on demand processing power deployed across multiple data centers. The... Read more
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