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Being first to do something doesn’t automatically make it proprietary even if the first is Microsoft

Somebody has to be first Recently Microsoft came up with a solution, supported natively in IE8, to protect against clickjacking attempts. Apparently some folks have decided that because Microsoft has a history of implementing proprietary... Read more
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Five Key Questions Developers Need to Ask before Starting the Troubleshooting Process

Brother, can you give a developer a hand? As the topology of networks delivering applications becomes increasingly complex it becomes more and more difficult to troubleshoot problems, especially for developers tasked with figuring out why their... Read more
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Jedi Mind Tricks: HTTP Request Smuggling

How to defeat the ancient Jedi mind trick known as HTTP Request Smuggling.  HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS) is not a new technique; it's been around since 2005. It takes advantage of architectures where one or more intermediaries (proxies)... Read more
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SOA What?

David Bressler of Progress Software, who acquired SOA vendor Actional in January 2006 wrote a very thought provoking post on marketing that really ended up being a post about SOA and where Progress fits into the "SOA continuum". He... Read more
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Reliability does not come from SOA Governance

An interesting InformationWeek article asks whether SOA intermediaries such as "enterprise service bus, design-time governance, runtime management, and XML security gateways" are required for an effective SOA. It further posits that SOA... Read more
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