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DNSSEC – the forgotten security asset?

An interesting article from CIO Online last month explained how DNS had been used to identify over 700 instances of a managed service provider’s customers being infected with malware. The MSP was able to determine the malware using DNS. As the... Read more
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Context. SDN. Big Data. Security. Cloud.

That's right, something for everyone.  F5 recently attended IP Expo in the UK.  We had some speaker sessions at the event - some readers might have come along and seen them live.  The event organisers did a nice job of filming... Read more
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"Why Legacy Security Systems are Failing"

As explained by Nathan Pearce during a presentation at the National Security Conference in the UK earlier this year.  Non-technical, real-life, worth taking a few minutes to listen to: Read more
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Videos from F5's recent Agility customer / partner conference in London

A week or so ago, F5 in EMEA held our annual customer / partner conference in London.  I meant to do a little write-up sooner but after an incredibly busy conference week I flew to F5's HQ in Seattle and didn't get round to posting... Read more
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Information Age 'How To' Guide to securing the enterprise

From secure remote access tips to technical precautions to defend web app functionality, this guide, published in conjunction with Information Age, has it all. Contributors include several of F5's best security people. Read more
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Broken Yo Yo!

An emergency. VIPRION blade down. But this wasn’t the worst of it. In Denmark, the F5 expert team at security and networking reseller Snex faced a dire situation. The F5 Yo Yo had broken. The Technical Support team at F5 swung into action... Read more
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“You can use Application Delivery Controllers as firewalls?”

When F5 sent out a global survey to 1000 large organisations worldwide, concentrating on complex attacks and how people defend against them, some of the questions related to what people use to protect their web-facing applications. In one section... Read more
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