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Intelligent Proxy Steering - Office365

Introduction This solution started back in May 2015 when I was helping a customer bypass their forward proxy servers due to the significant increase in the number of client connections after moving to Office365. Luckily for them, they have a... Read more
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3 Reviews

Get Smart with IP Intelligence

There are always threats out there on the big bad internet. The majority of breaches happen at the application layer and many OWASP Top 10s like SQL injection are still malicious favorites to gain entry. Add to that the availability of DDoS tools,... Read more
Average Rating: 4.9
3 Reviews

DNS Interception: Protecting the Client

Introduction Everything starts with a DNS request. So why not use it to protect the client? With the recent addition of Secure Web Gateway Services to the F5 line up of modules in TMOS 11.5, it provided the ability to access a URL Categorization... Read more
Average Rating: 4.9
5 Reviews