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GHOST Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235)

On 27 of January Qualys has published a critical vulnerability dubbed “GHOST” as it can be triggered by the GetHOST functions ( gethostbyname*() ) of the “glibc” library shipping with the Linux kernel. Those functions are used to get Read more
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Mitigating Winshock (CVE-2014-6321) Vulnerabilities Using BIG-IP iRules

Recently we’ve witnessed yet another earth shattering vulnerability in a popular and very fundamental service. Dubbed Winshock, it follows and joins the Heartbleed, Shellshock and Poodle in the pantheon of critical vulnerabilities discovered in... Read more
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Shellshock – The SIP Proxy Edition

The recent Shellshock and Heartbleed vulnerabilities have something in common – they both affect very infrastructural services. That is the reason their magnitude is much bigger than any other ol’ vulnerability out there. “Everyone” uses bash,... Read more
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Heartbleed: Network Scanning, iRule Countermeasures

Get the latest updates on how F5 mitigates HeartbleedGet the latest updates on how F5 mitigates Heartbleed I just spent the last two days writing “business-friendly” copy about Heartbleed. I think the result was pretty good and hey, it even got... Read more
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Talking Proxies

During the morning session, the group took a brief detour to hear about the history of the TMOS proxy architecture. Here, iRule architect and all-around guru "unRuley" (in red shirt) talks about TMOS and the infamous HudProxy. To his... Read more
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DevCentral MVP Summit Underway

Wow - an action packed morning already. The DevCentral MVPs, the DevCentral Team, as well as some F5 experts we're fortunate to have with us are all in Chicago today to talk about F5 technology and learn, share, and have some fun together. We... Read more
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iRule. Do You? Winners Announced.

Congratulations to the 2009 iRule. Do You? winners! Compared to previous years, it is worth noting that the competition for top-spots in both the Customer and Partner divisions was incredibly tight. In fact, the community voting – a first for this... Read more
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Cast Your Vote for Best iRule for the 2009 Contest

After reviewing the flood of entries (thank you ALL!) in 2009 contest, we’re ready for what I’ve been most excited about: your chance to select the winner of this year’s iRule. Do You? contest. If you want to skip the extra blabbering from me,... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - M is for Mozilla

Thanks to my colleague Sam for helping me come up with an M word.  I was going to talk about multiplexing but Lori beat me to it.  So instead of multiplexing m is for Mozilla.  Probably one of the most popular Mozilla projects is... Read more
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The Networking ABC's - A through Z

In yesterday's post, I finished up my Networking ABC's with the final post of Z.  For those of you who can't find my ABCs tag list on my blog, I figured I'd list them all for you in one place.  A is for AuthB is for... Read more
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I may be small... but iRule

Gotta love it! A special shout out to our pal Adrian for sharing this. Thanks mate! Listening to: "Staple it Together" / Jack Johnson Today's Flips: My OluKai Kumus. Read more
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Killer iRule?

Techcrunch has a cool story today: "If you could gather together some of the smartest Web developers and ask them to brainstorm a killer app for you, what would you ask them to build? Oh, and they will only have 45 minutes to do it." ... Read more
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Performance vs Reliability

Our own Deb Allen posted a great tech tip yesterday on conditional logic using HTTP::retry with iRules. This spawned a rather heated debate between Don and myself on the importance of performance versus reliability and application... Read more
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Tag! <You're It>

Yesterday Don voiced his opinion that XML tagging is a broken proposition. One of his basic premises is that because tags, a.k.a. meta-data, are generated by people and people aren't always as, shall we say, obsessive about doing so, that... Read more
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The Forgotten Network Tier?

An interesting article has been published on www.devx.com by Ty Anderson, a consultant at Cogent Company. Check it out - he does a great job of pointing out how application developers can take advantage of the network (and specifically -... Read more
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Must Read iRule Doc

I just ran across one of the most useful docs I've seen posted by the team on DevCentral. If you're new to iRules, possibly looking for ways to expand your knowledge, or just bored and looking for something cool to do, this document in the... Read more
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KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are quantifiable metrics that can be measured against organizational goals. KPIs vary from business to business, based on what the company does. If it's a sales oriented company, a KPI might be something like... Read more
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