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Post of the Week: Replacing a String in the Request URI

In this week’s Post of Week, I address community member Shann_P’s question on how to make an iRule update a string at a specific location within the path of the URI: The iRule needs to be able to locate the 7th "chunk" of the URI, add a... Read more
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Post of the Week: Blocking a Specific URI

In this "Post of the Week" video, we show how to block a specific URI using a custom ASM signature and an iRule. Read more
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NetOps is on the Move and You Can Help Give it Directions

For three years now, my cohort Cindy Borovick and I have been tracking the app services, trends, and technology that ultimately shape the lives of folks in the trenches. It sometimes takes a while (almost ten years for cloud) before the winds of... Read more
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Post of the Week: HTTP Redirect using Datagroups

John discusses HTTP redirects using datagroups and iRules. Read more
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DevCentral’s Featured Member for September – Rob Carr

Rob Carr is a Senior Trainer/Professional Services Consultant with Red Education Pty in Australia, covering the Oceania and Asia markets. He has done training and engagements from New Zealand to Taiwan and points in between. About 60% of his time... Read more
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Tightening the Security of HTTP Traffic Part 2

This is the second part of this article which provides guidelines for tightening the security of http traffic by leveraging the power of F5 Big-IP and  iRules to include the latest HTTP security headers to all HTTP responses. Read more
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Tightening the Security of HTTP Traffic part 1

In this article, I will give an overview of some important headers that can be added to HTTP responses in order to improve the security web applications. Read more
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Office 365 Logon Enhancement – Username Capture

With the new Office 365 sign-in experience you can capture the username entered at the O365 login page so users don't need to enter it twice! Read more
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DevCentral’s Featured Member for August – Piotr Lewandowski

Piotr Lewandowski has been working in IT for well over 20 years – and not really conscious decision to go this way – just blind luck. He started in the era without Internet…yes, not so long ago it was possible to live without Internet J…and IBM... Read more
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DevCentral’s Featured Member for July – Vosko Networking’s Niels van Sluis

For almost two years Niels van Sluis has worked as a Security Engineer for Vosko Networking. Vosko's security team focuses on supporting security solutions from various vendors like F5, Check Point, Cisco and RSA. Niels focuses is on F5 BIG-IP... Read more
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‘Fast’ API and Application Routing

Proxy API and Application traffic at high speeds with F5 BIG-IP. Lori MacVittie explains how. Read more
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Deploy an App into Kubernetes Using Advanced Application Services

Introduction Welcome to week three of the Kubernetes and BIG-IP series. In the previous article we learned how easy it is to deploy complex applications into Kubernetes running on Google Container Engine (GKE). As you might imagine, that... Read more
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Persisting SNAT Addresses in Link Controller Deployments

My friend Bruce Hampton recently reached out with a problem he was facing with a BIG-IP Link Controller (LC) deployment. The problem? How do you persist the client address AND the snat address? Read more
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WannaCry Ransomware and MS17-010 Vulnerability

On Friday 12 May 2017 a large ransomware attack dubbed “WannaCry” was launched targeting more than 200,000 computers worldwide, including industries such as banks, hospitals and large telecom companies. Figure 1: “WannaCry” ransom... Read more
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F5 BIG-IP MQTT protocol support and use cases in an IoT environment

F5 BIG-IP iRules allow deep understanding and decision making within the MQTT protocol. Check out some use cases and more. Read more
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DevCentral’s Featured Member for May – NTT Security’s Leonardo Souza

Leonardo is DevCentral’s Featured Member for May and we got a chance to talk with Leonardo about his life, work and scripting prowess. Read more
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Q/A with Admiral Group's Jinshu Peethambaran - DevCentral's Featured Member for March

Jinshu Peethambaran is a security architect currently working with Admiral Insurance. He started his career 9 years ago, managing network security operations and started working on F5 products about 5 years ago. He is also a 2017 DevCentral MVP... Read more
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Q/A with itacs GmbH's Kai Wilke - DevCentral's Featured Member for February

Kai Wilke is a Principal Consultant for IT Security at itacs GmbH – a German consulting company located in Berlin City specializing in Microsoft security solutions, SharePoint deployments, and customizations as well as classical IT Consulting. He... Read more
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TLS Fingerprinting - a method for identifying a TLS client without decrypting

TLS fingerprinting is a methodology based on the attributes in an SSL/TLS handshake ClientHello message, attributes that are ever-so-slightly unique across different client user agents. This methodology, while not perfect, presents an interesting approach to identifying user agents without first decrypting the traffic and looking for an HTTP User-Agent header. Read more
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David Holmes Greatest Hits, 2016 Edition

You know how scientists hypothesize that there are an infinite number of universes? 2016 is a year that forces me to confront the reality that they may be right. I've been starting to think that we live in one of the bizarre, alternate... Read more
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SPDY/HTTP2 Profile Impact on Variable Use

When using SPDY/HTTP2 profile, TCL variables set before the HTTP_REQUEST event are not carried over to further events. This is easily reproducible with this simple iRule: when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { set default_pool [LB::server pool] } when... Read more
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Google reCAPTCHA v2 challenge iRule, integration with BIG-IP virtual server

This iRule integrates a reCAPTCHA v2 with your virtual server.     This iRule is similar to the existing reCAPTCHA v1 on devcentral:  https://devcentral.f5.com/codeshare/google-recaptcha-challenge-irule   Because... Read more
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iRules Recipe 4: Static Maintenance Page

You wish to provide a static maintenance splash page when all members of a pool serving a Virtual Server are currently down or disabled. This recipe provides a few approaches to accomplishing that. Read more
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Mirai Strikeback - an iRule to kill IoT Bot Processes from your F5

An explanation of the mirai-strikeback iRule. The iRule sends an exploit back to Mirai bot processes and kills them. Use at your discretion. Read more
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Caching for Faster APIs

Pop quiz: Do you know what the number one driver cited in 2016 for networking investments was? No peeking!   If you guessed speed and performance, you guessed right. If you guessed security don’t feel bad, it came in at number two, just... Read more
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