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Another Challenge and FSEs to Watch

Every quarter or so the Sales Readiness team here at F5 are kind enough to invite me over to talk to the new crop of FSEs going through their new hire bootcamp and whip them into shape gently educate them on the finer points of iRules goodness.... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 6/27/2011

As rare as the Hippocampus and as fleeting as the Pegasus, this special Monday edition of the Top5 is brought to you by "too much to get done on Friday"(tm). Think of it as a bonus edition though, not delayed, as this Top5 comes bearing... Read more
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20 Lines or Less #50: iRules Challenge Round-Up

What could you do with your code in 20 Lines or Less? That's the question I ask (almost) every week for the devcentral community, and every week I go looking to find cool new examples that show just how flexible and powerful iRules can b... Read more
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iRules Challenge #4 Results: Contemplating Context

In a shocking turn of events, the gracious sales readiness team invited me back to yet again present an iRules Challenge to the inbound FSEs during their multi-week grooming process here at F5 Seattle, lovingly known as "boot camp".... Read more
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iRules Challenge Results: Can Everyone Win?

It would seem that, at least in this contest, everyone can indeed be a winner. I got the distinct pleasure to, once again, help contribute to the iRules delinquency education of our inbound FSE crew while they were here in Seattle for their boot... Read more
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Another batch of FSEs, another iRules Challenge

The Sales Readiness team is back at it, training another awesome crop of FSE type peoples here at F5 headquarters. And for the third time in a row, I get the esteemed honor/fun of building an iRules challenge to push them into learning iRules, the... Read more
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An Issued Challenge…Again

It’s FSE iRules Challenge time again, folks, so strap on your geek-hats and follow along. First, before I get too deep into what the challenge actually was this time around, I want to steal a word or two from the last challenge’s announcement to... Read more
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Winner Winner, iRule Dinner

Last week I wrote about the iRules challenge issued to the FSEs again, and showed my intended solution.  Go take a look at that post for a point of reference if you like, or just dive in.Today I want to give props where props are due, and... Read more
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