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Not On My VM. Step One In Secure Cloud Usage.

A few years ago, a gentleman created a video showing how quickly an unpatched, unprotected Windows XP machine was infected once connected to the public Internet (the linked video is worth a watch, and is short). That video took the busines... Read more
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Extreme Automation. Dynamic Control with or without the Cloud.

In the data center of the future, you are going to need to be able to bring up new instances of an application, have them fully functional without any user intervention, and when they’re no longer needed they  should clean up after themselves... Read more
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Introducing: Long Distance VMotion with VMWare

It seems like I blinked and 2009 went by, but in that time I've been working on so many interesting projects at F5, I have a backlog of information to share with the community.  The first post this year is about the long distance VMotion... Read more
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v.10 - iSessions in the Cloud (or a remote data center, you choose)

Well, I’ve covered the basics of iSessions – a secure, optimized tunnel between two BIG-IPs – so now it’s time to talk about usefulness, both today and going forward. Since iSessions are an infrastructure issue, the following works for redundant... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 05/01/2009

From Web Accelerator to iRules to the release of the new Management Pack, this week's Top5 has it all. As always, there was plenty going on this week on DevCentral. These are my picks that you've just got to check out. Whether it's... Read more
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v.10 - Introduction to iSessions

Amongst the wave of new features that came out in Version 10 of TMOS is a nifty little feature called iSessions. This being the first release of iSessions, there is a lot of curiosity and not as much documentation as we’d like yet. So I’ll walk... Read more
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