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Devops Proverb: Process Practice Makes Perfect

#devops Tools for automating – and optimizing – processes are a must-have for enabling continuous delivery of application deployments Some idioms are cross-cultural and cross-temporal. They transcend cultures and time, remaining relevant no... Read more
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An Aristotlean Approach to Devops and Infrastructure Integration

Aristotle’s famous four questions can be applied to infrastructure integration as a means to determine whether an API or SDK is the right tool for the job. While bouncing back and forth last week with Patrick Debois on the role of devops  ,... Read more
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F5 Friday: Application Access Control - Code, Agent, or Proxy?

How about some integration, instead? A combined Oracle Access Manager and F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager solution is more scalable, more reliable, and easier to manage than any of the traditional three solutions.   In the course of... Read more
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Next-Generation Management of Data Centers Should be Modeled on Social Networking

Should the next generation management of network and application network devices look and act more like Facebook and Twitter? Infrastructure 2.0 could take us there. Y ou may think I’m kidding and certainly I make this proposal with some amount... Read more
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Cloud Computing’s (not so) Best Kept Secret

Cloud providers know the secret to a successful cloud computing implementation is integration between the infrastructure and virtualization Ever notice that cloud providers are v e r y reluctant to reveal on what foundation their cloud computing... Read more
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Building an elastic environment requires elastic infrastructure

One of the reasons behind some folks pushing for infrastructure as virtual appliances is the on-demand nature of a virtualized environment. When network and application delivery infrastructure hits capacity in terms of throughput - regardless of... Read more
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Two TwitterBots Are Better Than One!

I've been working on this for a while but never got around to finishing it.  Lori's post from today reminded me of my "unfinished" work so I dug it up and brought it back to life. A while back, I wrote a Twitter Proxy fo... Read more
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Load balancing MS-Active Directory and Kerberos

You know what? You never know what you might find in the DevCentral Forums. Some pretty cool stuff happens in the Solutions Forums - a place to focus on doing interesting things with F5 gear from an application perspective (i.e. Microsoft app,... Read more
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Symphonic releases TrueView ADC Edition

I found out about this at our partner conference earlier this week and it looks like Symphonic's TrueView ADC Edition has made it's way out into the wild.   From the press sheet: Symphoniq, in conjunction with F5, has created a... Read more
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Scaling Ruby on Rails to 1 Billion Page Views a Month

A while ago I blogged about how F5 was making mongrels better with a Side of Mayo.  I referenced a blog post on Joyent's wonderful Joyeur blog on why Joyent uses F5's BIG-IP for their customers.  Well, those krazy kids at Joyent... Read more
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What's the difference between a CLI and API, really?

Here at Interop, I had an interesting conversation on the show floor about integration. We were talking about how another company can remotely invoke change against infrastructure "via the CLI". When I asked why, the reasoning was that... Read more
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iControl SDK v9.6.0 is here

It's been a while since the last version of the SDK has been released and it looks like it's that time again. So, whip out your zip program, and head on over to the iControl downloads page and be the first one on your block to get you... Read more
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